REVIEW: Scary Valentine - "Shades"

By Pat Hawkes-Reed (GothPat)

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ShadesScary Valentine consists of two people: Scot Gordon and Shari Valenta, and this CD has additional vocals by Becca Gomez from Pure Drama.

This is the second release for Scary Valentine. Their first release, Gorgon(*) , was in 1999. Sales were done online, and not many copies were sold. According to info supplied to me, this second release is doing well only as downloads at

What a shame.

At first, I was prepared to lump this in with other generic swirly goth music (a sub-genre I don't care for on the whole, IMHO). Maybe it was the two person-one male-one female-synths and samples listed on the liner that made me assume that this was what I was getting into, but the CD is harder, deeper, sinister and at times, evil.

If I heard songs like Rip it Apart, Just to Kiss, Think and Sin, F-Yeah, and Strange Bond in a club, I would stay on the dancefloor or run to get on it.

Some songs remind me a bit of bands like Bel Canto (Troubled as We, Minute Holiday) probably because of the swooping female vocals. And others would be perfect as an addition to horror film soundtracks (Clouding my World), which is no bad thing in my book. Some of the samples and bass lines work their way into your head with a sinister snakiness that you can't shake loose easily. The "dirtiness" of some of the synths was intriguing...the rawness was a refreshing change from so many polished synth-based bands.

Do yourself a favour...don't just download the mp3' a copy of the CD and encourage this band to do further forays into producing music.

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Post: 8815 Jackdaw St., Littleton, CO, 80126

(*) Reviewed in Legends #100, July 2000.

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