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And there you have it. Three articles, reviews of Noise Process, Girls Under Glass and Braindance had to jump into the January issue due to deadline troubles so apologies to those three groups for the delay. It happens, sorry again. I already have the Noise Process review in, I just couldn't get it into the issue before production closed. We do our best here, but sometimes we miss a beat every now and then.

Onward to other things - besides the three above-mentioned reviews next month I will have a pile more of course including Cesium: 137, Vampire Nation, Rachel's Surrender and Bitter Fall which will be the debut of our latest review staffer - pixie. Lots more beyond including some feature interviews as well.

Sue Simpson will be with us again as will the long-awaited return of Eric Busby - hopefully the latter with more illustration by Lee Alverson though he's been busy as of late. Watch for A Bottle of Blue Pills (with or without illustration - hopefully with, of course).

I review a non-fiction book in Off The Shelf - and then a really shitty piece of fiction. Another three doses of The Parking Lot is Full! Mike Ventarola's MP3: The Music Revolution and The Mean Little Man rants about bombs!

FEATURES for next month: Cover design by Rev. Daryl Litts, who did the covers for Legends #111 and #115 (June and October of this year respectively). Feature music interviews with Netz and Massiv In Mensch! Debut of our next fiction master, Unkle Joz, with Lucy Grieves!

And I will leave off this month with some laughs. First, eyes left for the final dosage of PLIF. And now a joke…

What did one sagging boob say to the other sagging boob? We better get some support or people are going to think we're nuts!


Marcus Pan
November 27, 2001 - 11:36AM

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