REVIEW: Christopher - "Wer Next Projekt"

By Mike Ventarola

Chain Border

Wer Next ProjectWer Next Projekt was an item I obtained from the pledge drive at WFDU earlier this year. After hearing it, I immediately contacted Bob Westphal at WFDU and thanked him profusely for sending such a darkly delicious piece of work. Christopher wrote, performed, mixed and produced all the songs on this CD. No easy feat assuredly. The ear for details are not in vain as this is a product worthy of dark music fans everywhere.

Nokturne has an almost dark tribal feel to it. It takes us to a garden of madness under a moonlit night in a forsaken area. The female vocals on this track are sublime, bordering on the style of the late Ofra Haza, but sadly no credit is mentioned here who it may be. Wakeuplove utilizes Middle Eastern drones and once again, some background female vocals that are similar in style to Miriam Stockley of Adieumus. Here we are pleasantly delivered into the vocal skills of Christopher. He takes this song and creates such a sensuous atmosphere that it is a marvel that a label hasn't signed him yet. This guy CAN SING!!

Fall Into It transfuses some almost Scottish elements with the dark layered rhythm, which seem to float upon the murky waters of the mind. As the intensity of the lyrics increases, we are given a drum fiesta and a female chorus of almost ecstatic singing, followed by deep drones and a guitar driven rift of intensity. Between Love & Lucidity begins as a slow ballad with choruses that hint at Middle Eastern and Celtic influences. The percussion slowly builds to a sweeping seductive lilt making this a song of romance and seduction. This track is PERFECT for those into Kama Sutra and Tantric lovemaking.

Un Joi picks up the pace a bit with a world beat over dark electronic effects and a male female harmonized chorus. Celtic influences arise to carry the vocals along on a dreamy cloud. Waiting for Pussy…Willow starts with a lone female voice echoing in a cavernous setting. The guitar and electronic drones come forward, giving this track a sense of heat and intensity. There is a macabre element woven underneath making this all work out beautifully. Not There Anymore (for N) segues from the previous track. Christopher chants notes in an almost exalted state. There is a sense of bittersweet southern spiritual music at the base layer of the song, with liberating high notes delivered electronically. One of the most spiritual tracks to come out of the dark underground without having to utter a word.

You're So Sexual is a myriad of intense Middle Eastern flavor and modern goth rock and electronics. This track lives up to its name and squeezes sensuality from everywhere. The vocals are nothing short of fetishly intense, daring us to set our bodies free. Concubine Crush Factor 8 has a Middle Eastern vocal drone at the intro that flows with the similar style and passion as Dead Can Dance. Various female voices come from the spectrum, each one more enticingly seductive than the next. What Is Your Threshold For… is the most haunted track on the CD. There are elements of dread, macabre, uncertainty and fear. This builds to an explosive goth jazz style hybrid that is unique and very well done.

Had I not received this CD as part of the aforementioned WFDU pledge drive, I would have run out to purchase a copy. I urge you to do the same. If you like Dead Can Dance, you will love Christopher. Very few artists actually make CD's that are fully conducive for lovemaking, but this CD just reeks with sensuality. The only down side is that Christopher didn't sing on nearly enough tracks. His vocals are along the lines of Gossamer, Flowers and Machines and even Lestat. There is no denying that his voice was trained with many years worth of practice.

Regardless of your sexual orientation or lack thereof, Christopher has a way to make you feel things. Each intonation is meant to stimulate a certain cerebral response, and we the listeners only gladly follow along. The only other drawback is not knowing who the delightfully talented female singer is on this recording. She, like Christopher, transcends the brain responses to pull you in her siren's lair. Many bands have been compared to Dead Can Dance, however, Christopher comes closest to their brilliance and ingenuity than any of the others. This CD is highly recommended, and one is encouraged to seek out a copy any way that they can.


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