REVIEW: Coup D'eTat - "Death of an Image"

By Dan Century

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Death of an ImageLately the only time I get to listen to music is while driving my car. Some days I drive 200-300 boring miles a day, and music and caffeine are the only things that keeps me going. Despite being in the car for 2-4 hours a day, I still don't have patience for crappy music. It's also important to have the right music for the right traffic - if I'm racing to a meeting at 90mph I need something with lots of energy, like Slayer, Ministry, Powerman5000 or Bis. Once I hit traffic, I fall back on something mellow, like a classical station, Dead Can Dance or some Desmond Decker. It's all about managing your moods and making the most of the moment.

Fortunately for both myself and Coup D'eTat, when I first listened to this disk I was cruising along the Garden State Parkway around 8pm at night with no traffic holding me back and not a cop in sight. As I tore through the clear black night at 85 miles per hour, Coup D'eTat's dark, aggressive music made perfect sense.

The Gothic and Industrial genres have shared the same scene at least since Love and Rockets and Nitzer Ebb toured together in the late 80's. If you like one genre chances are pretty good that you'll at least tolerate the other. Coup D'eTat mix the disjointed lyrics, distorted vocals and pounding beats of Industrial with the minor chords, dominant bass grooves and persistent echo of Goth-rock, and they do it well. Imagine the best elements of Skinny Puppy, Nitzer Ebb, Southern Death Cult and Pornography era Cure, and you'll have a good idea of what Coup D'eTat sound like. Death of an Image, Coup D'eTat's new 6-song EP, provides us with a excellent sampling of the their range and talent:

On Disdaine, as on any classic Industrial tune, Coup make good use of sampled vocals to stir up tension and portray chaos and disorder. Add to the mix some serious echo drenched Goth 'n' roll guitar & bass, and you have a good introduction to the sound of the band: Dark, disturbed and classically familiar. Umbilical introduces us to Coup D'eTat's vocal sound: male, growled, fragmented, more poetry than prose. The music takes several musical turns, building tension and releasing terror. As mentioned before, it's good driving music.

Anxious is pure Industrial: aggro guitars and vocals, mechanical keyboard melodies, throbbing beats and shocks of electronic noise provide the perfect soundtrack for some serious dance floor boot stomping. Work off your anxiety and scare everyone in the club. Abandon Frequency is a frantic and seriously creepy song that changes moods and directions on a dime. A good example of their musical talent and ability to synthesize genres.

If you like your chocolate in your peanut butter, or at least Goth in your Industrial, give Death of an Image a try. If you're into the G/I music and scene, I imagine Coup D'eTat would be a great band for you to see live.

Post: Coup D'eTat, PO Box 656531, Fresh Meadows, NY, 11365
Phone: (718) 707-1331

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