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Chain Border

What a piece of shit for a cover this month. Can't win them all - and since I'm still lurking in the bowels of Unemployment Purgatory it's the most I could offer you. Nonetheless I think our heavy return to fiction this month will be highly appreciated by a lot of you. Of course we have the music thing going - Mike's MP3: The Music Revolution is with us as well as a number of reviews from nearly the entire staff. Even more reviewers will be joining us as we move along in the near future. Meanwhile I'll see what I can do about the dayjob situation so that I could bring you some decent f'in covers once again. Maybe I can get Rev. Daryl Litts to handle next month's…I guess we'll see.

I halved all advertising prices in the hardcopy edition this month, see page 2 for details and price lists. This month's issue of Legends Magazine is brought to you in part by Only Sorrow, Lethe Press and Nilaihah Records! And the number 7 and the letters L and C.

No music interviews this month. We had Massiv In Mensch scheduled, but due to a rather massive system virus that knocked the Legends computer down for nearly a week of recovery time, things went awry and that didn't occur. We have a double shot of interview features next month planned - Massiv In Mensch should be handles by review staffer Zubrovka, and I have plans to do the same with another ArtOfFact label band, Netz. Also, Netz has just released Werk02 which just came into the office the other day - so these guys are moving hot and heavy in the EBM/electronic scene so check them out early and get more next month.

Fiction is the big thang this month, starting with a double-shot of Sue Simpson including The Fake, which is one of our features. Her mate Logan Russell debuts in Legends this issue with his Aga Saga. Also look forward to his upcoming two-part mini series, Safe As Houses, set to debut early next year.

Hot picks on the list of reviews we bring you for December that I encourage you to check out: the latest from ThouShaltNot - The Holiness of Now. ADSR keeps bringing us some of the best EBM work you can find, and Mike V. looks into this recent release from this Seattle based label. Christopher - Wer Next Project. Building on the interview from our September issue, Mike V. also delves into this release by the MP3.com heavy hitter. Libitina, UK darlings who've been busy since their '97 A Closer Communion release, finally kick out their follow-up album Weltanschauung. Rat Bastard takes a look at this one. And more of course.

In books I check out some thriller fiction in my review of The Alchemist, and delve into sci-fi with Race Against Time. There's essays by me, an essay by KT Lowe and the Mean Little Column and more beyond that. So have at it.

Marcus Pan
November 25, 2001

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