REVIEW: The Fleshpeddlers - "Falling into a Dream"

By Pat Hawkes-Reed (GothPat)

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The FleshpeddlersThis is the Fleshpeddlers' third release, the second one with this line-up that includes Todd Milleacker, Kris Verplank and Scott Woodford. I suppose that the musical style could be described as 'indie-pop.' It's certainly not goth though at times it borders on industrial. At times the guitars grind, the keyboards sparkle, the synths dazzle, but it's still indie-pop. They describe themselves as "a garage band with synthesizers"...fair enough.

At first, I was groaning inside... "oh no, another bunch of guys with ironic t-shirts and ironic hair & ironic glasses" type band to suffer through, al la Weezer (no, there are no photos furnished, but this is a type of band I see all the time on MTV2).

But, I read the lyric sheet furnished and really listened. OK, I am a sucker for clever lyrics. This is why I love Sparks, Anthrax, Blue Oyster Cult and del Amitri - the lyrics. And this band has that...the sometimes weird, sometimes angst-filled words sung over quirky tunes. Words like:

"And I don't understand why she came to my door
Dressed up in leather and looking to score and the
Look in her eyes and those sultry lips, brought out
An honesty in me I could not resist when I said,
"I'm sorry, but you've got the wrong address..." "
(Inflatable Dreams)

"You're so happy, it makes me sick,
You're so happy, I can hardly deal with that
Crocodile smile, those walrus teeth,
I don't understand what you want from me."
(Walrus Teeth, which reminded me a bit of The Cure!)

So, give this band a listen if you like your music a bit off kilter, especially lyric-wise. I don't know if they tour at all (they are from Minnesota), but, if they do, could someone tell me if they look "ironic?"

Post: 8136 Rhode Island Circle South, Bloomington, MN, 55438

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