MP3: The Music Revolution

By Mike Ventarola

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Well, the economy is pretty much in the toilet and about 80% of the people I know are already out of work. Needless to say, shopping is at an all time low, even for yours truly here. However in keeping with tradition of mentioning goth/underground businesses worthy of our hard earned and ever shrinking dollars, I will admit to a splurge at Middle Pillar. The guys at Middle Pillar continue to offer a wide variety of underground music that are practically impossible to get anywhere else. Service is always prompt, reliable and efficient. Check out the new material they have to offer at

While on the topic of internet music distributors, Projekt Records has released the third installment to Excelsis. These discs are commonly thought of as the "Goth Christmas Music" and are a wonderful diversion from all that happy, poppy stuff that we are force fed yearly around the holidays. The 3 CD's are also available in a box set, so get one for yourself if you haven't done so, or put it on the Xmas list for a dark clad friend for the holidays. Check out the great sales too at

For internet shows with Gothic Xmas music to replace those worn out traditional tunes that commercially plague us each year, you can also sample a number of songs at:

In other news, Dancing Ferret Discs has bought up the remainder of Isolation Tank, who were on the verge of bankruptcy according to rumors. Dancing Ferret is maintaining their site in order to offer the many Internet shoppers another vehicle for mail ordering underground music. For more information go to


The Empire Hideous will be appearing LIVE after a 4 year hiatus at Albion Batcave, Saturday, January 19th 2002. Also playing will be Infidel, a band with an appeal to fans of Fields of Nephilim and Sisters of Mercy. Show starts at 10 p.m. Empire Hideous slated to play at 11 p.m.

Get there early because the crowds will be out the door on this one!! We need to solve the pressing question that lead singer Myke Hideous once asked: In a vote between Yodels or Ho-Ho's, which is better?

One for the Raspberry Department:

During the month of October, for the first time in's history, a goth band actually made it to # 1 across the genres and also as # 1 hit MP3 music overall. The band, Midnight Syndicate, became the Internet darlings with their brand of cinematic spooky sounds.

The glory was somewhat marred though by some sour grapes who kept insisting something illegal went on to get them to that top spot. In actuality, it was a lot of hard work which accomplished this.

So for the doubting Thomas's who need some cheese to go with their wine, here is the scoop. Initially the folks at Heineken had contacted the band and picked the music in order to offer it as part of their online Halloween promotions. Furthermore, 60% of the stores that carried the Midnight Syndicate music also hung up the very darkly beautiful posters advertising their work. Toss in the fact that many major theme parks with haunted attractions (including two Busch Gardens, Universal, five Paramount parks, and a slew of Six Flags) utilized the music AND hung up posters promoting the site. So, call it a Raspberry, a Bronx cheer or just a good old pffflllttttzzzz from the tongue, they busted their ass to make it happen. I know, I was there! Check them out if you haven't already at

Satellite's In Your Living Room!

Electronic artist, Satellite Dub, who hails from Falkirk, Central Scotland, has recently been spun into a whirlwind almost overnight! His track, "No Questions," reached No.1 on the electronic charts at Following on that success, this mild mannered artist was then contacted by the electronic giants, Philips, to utilize this very same track as part of an in-store demonstration CD for their new MP3 players. In addition, 20,000 of these discs will be shipped worldwide as part of the sales promotions, each carrying his music to the ears of the many consumers of the Philips product line. The song can be heard at or at the artist website at

Never standing still, Nilaihah Records just released, on November 13th, "Reincarnate" from Dissonance. This is a long awaited release which was produced by Lars Hansen of Oneiroid Psychosis.

The CD is rich with deep, female vocals merged with darkwave pop, creative hooks, and amazing production. Also included is a cover of Eleanor Rigby (by the Beatles) and remixes from Oneiroid Psychosis and Signal 12. A must have release from this talented duo who were first discovered by Paul Robb of Information Society.

See when the CD release party for "Reincarnate is happening near you at

In Other Nilaihah News:

There is a sale special (through the end of 2001) on all T-shirts ordered directly from Nilaihah Records via credit card at or by check and money order. T-shirts are now only $13 within the US, and that includes shipping! Choose from Nilaihah Records, The Azoic, Fiction 8, in both t-shirts, and baby tees. Quantities are limited so get yours before their gone!

THE AZOIC: The Azoic's "Forward..." is still receiving much acclaim and club play all across the world. They are already working on new material and a remix of "Lost." Look for some other exclusive remixes to reveal themselves in the near future...

And if you're a die hard Azoic fan, you can now download your very own screen saver created by their amazing friend and fellow musician, Dave Scott. It's located at the bottom of the "Forward..." CD page (

Internet artist and film composure SINTZ is finishing up work on a complete soundtrack for the Contagion Pictures film "Dysphoria." More info can be found at Not resting on his laurels, Sintz also just completed post production sound for the soon to be released film, "The Tunnel." Information can be found from a search on the title for the film production co. Lots of good press on this one! He is also gearing up for post production incidental sound for "Still" from Road Dog Productions, search on road dog productions to get the film and director details.

Synthpop Addicts Take Note!

After a year of writing and recording, pre-orders for the phenomenal new Cosmicity CD "PURE" are being accepted for only $14! Still need some convincing? Check the free previews at Find out more about "Pure" at to learn why Cosmicity is one of the outstanding artists on A Different Drum label.

AMPCAST: The Moses of The Indie Music World!

In light of the half penny deal from Universal-Vivendi owned, Ampcast has offered a lower sign-up rate and a higher pay back to artists who have unique downloaded tracks. Site owners Chris and Jim have been very considerate of the artists and their needs. Replies are prompt, problems are dealt with expediently, and artists can get their songs online within 20 minutes instead of waiting DAYS like on MP3.

Needless to say, many MP3 alumni have sought out this new site in the anticipation that the consideration and concern from the owners will continue to be reflected in the respect and service that they have shown thus far. The exodus of artists from MP3 is as mammoth as Moses leading his people out of Egypt. Seriously, that is how fast some artists are leaving MP3!

Recently, Ampcast added gothic, darkwave, EBM, synthpop and medieval to their genres, so stop by and tune in to some of the great work that folks have placed on line for your musical enjoyment. The site is located at Hidden Sanctuary fans are directed to

Currently there is a new dark label in town called Dark Future Music. They are offering the video "gothumentary" Sex, Death and Eyeliner as well as the soundtrack to the film as part of their premier launch. Having heard and reviewed the CD, I anticipate the film's arrival. Dark Future owners are the same folks who brought us that ever delightful Internet radio site Gothic Radio, where fans across the world have tuned in in record breaking numbers. Check out their site at

For those of you who have a love-hate relationship with the popular US television game show, The Weakest Link, there is an online game available where you can exact your revenge on the host moderator all you want. Find it at:

Literary Types Wanted!

If you are new to the scene or have been rather sheltered within the scene, you may want to investigate the wonderful Side-Line Magazine, This magazine also has a newsletter which keeps the discerning and hardcore fan alike abreast of all the music that is "happening" in the underground all across the globe. Here are some tidbits gleaned from their sources. If this doesn't convince you that you need this magazine to stay on top of the music news, nothing will.

From the Side-Line News List:
All promo-material should be sent to:
Side-Line music magazine
fao séba dolimont
90 rue charles degroux
1040 bruxelles - belgium
tel/fax 0032.2.732.14.81

Yazoo cover album in the making
And cover albums stay very popular. "Nobody's Diary" is a Yazoo tribute CD being assembled by the team that brought you last year's OMD tribute, "Messages." The cover album set to be released in Spring of 2002 will be including contributions by Ganymede, Cosmicity, Soviet, David Mahr, and more. Four tracks on the CD will be reserved for "fan" versions of Yazoo songs. You may choose any song released or performed by Yazoo. All submissions must be on cd-r, un-mastered (not equalized). From all entries four songs will be chosen to be included on the CD set. All entries must be sent before the end of November to Ninthwave Records Lexicon PO Box 1734 Wheaton MD 20915 USA.
- Nobody's diary -

Marilyn Manson writing score "Resident Evil"
Marilyn Manson is to write the film score for the forthcoming "Resident Evil" movie. According to the singer, the music will be more electronic than his usual material. Manson is currently working on songs for his new album. The Resident Evil movie is based on the popular computer game of the same name. Milla Jovovich will star in the film as Alice, the Zombie Killer. The movie is due for release in the US in April next year.

New releases from Neue Asthetik
Neue Asthetik has several new releases coming up. First in the line is Judith's third full-length CD "Play of Light." Coming up next is Funhouse's first US release entitled "Oceans of Tears" which is somewhat of a "best of" for this Cult meets Mission meets Iggy psychedelic goth rock quartet. Third release on NA's schedule is Brickbats' "Monster Party." This was actually the first band to be signed to NAM and "Monster Party" was supposed to be the first CD released by the label. But due to complications the release was delayed roughly two years. And finally there's "Purge" by Holy Cow, bringing Goth/Industrial crossover mixed with a heavy dose of melodic experimental noise, deep and dark.
- Neue Asthetik -

Perfidious Words live in Mexico City
The German duo Perfidious Words will play live in Mexico City on December 1st, 2001 at DADA X Club (Bolivar 31, 2nd floor, Centro Historico) presented by Metropolis Org. The tickets will be $12 USD/$120 Pesos (In advance/at the door). The band is a special guest for Strangemode's 8th Anniversary Party, the Official DM Fan Association in Mexico. Hopes are that the band will play new songs from their upcoming album. Do not hesitate the band's latest release that will surely please every Depeche Mode fan due to the close vocal similarity between Dave Gahan and PW's leadsinger!

Pet Shop Boys team up with Smiths guitarist
The Pet Shop Boys have finished recording their ninth album. According to EMI, the 11-track album will be released in March. In the meantime the duo are to release a DVD of their 1999/2000 tour on November 20th. The DVD will be titled "Montage" and will include footage from two nights in Germany, during their Nightlife world tour. It will also feature footage from shows on the US leg of the tour, plus promos for the duo's recent singles. The Pet Shop Boys are currently working on their new studio album, which is due for release next spring. The as-yet-untitled album will be the duo's first since 1999's Nightlife and has guitarist Johnny Marr playing on nine tracks, while percussionist Jodie Linscott appears on two.

Pre-order the Skinny Puppy DVD video collection
Although it was until now only available through Nettwerk, the Skinny Puppy "Video Collection" will now be released in Europe as well on DVD by SPV. The release date is set for November 26th. The DVD will feature every Puppy video from 1984 to 1992 with the exception of "Worlock." You can now pre-order the DVD via, our partner in crime! In further news, you can read an interview with Skinny Puppy in our latest issue of Side-Line, n°37. For more info on what they had to tell, we refer you to the magazine itself, now on shelves at the best mail orders or right here at Side-Line where you get a free CD as well with your subscription.

Second CD best of Cure made for fans only
In an interview with the Belgian paper De Standaard, Robert Smith says that he only collaborated to the new 2CD compilation for the sake of the fans. Robert: "Personally, I was against the project to release yet another compilation album, we already had one you know. But since they were so keen on having one, don't forget that the label only has a limited right to the back catalogue, I rather preferred cooperating to get the best out of it than let them release a crap best of. Hence also the reason why we insisted on having a limited edition for the fans with an extra acoustic set."

First electro festival in Yugoslavia
Good news reaches us from Belgrade. DJ Zlaya reports us that on December 8th Yugoslavia will have its first electro festival at Student's Cultur Center in Belgrade. Bands that will perform are Wave Form (Belgrade), Endymion (Belgrade), Monoton (Belgrade), I'M (Nis/Belgrade), Black Sheep Screaming (Omoljica), Kinovia (Jagodina) and Alone In Heaven (Belgrade). The promotional "LFO sampler Vol. 1" is to be released this week and will include works of most of the bands. This release is only for promotional use, only a very small number of copies will be set for sale. The festival will also be recorded and released on CD. All interested Electro - Industrial labels, DJ's and Radio Shows should send their postal address in order to get a copy. The festival is organized by the Low Frequency Oscillation radio station team who is closely operating with Side-Line for news gathering. To hear Side-Line news in Belgrade, tune in on SKC Radio Belgrade 107.9 FM, every Friday from 23h PM to 2h AM with Alexandar Zec, DJ Zlaya, Nikola Vitkovic & Alexandar Kandic.
- LFO -

Euro-Rock Indoor 2002 - line-up
FAD GADGET, REGENERATOR (1st time back in Europe since 4 years!), DANCE OR DIE, LIBITINA, ANGELS & AGONY, GREENHAUS, ACCESSORY, SUICIDE COMMANDO, TECHNOIR (1st time on Belgian soil!), SWARF, THE WOUNDED and WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW. Euro-Rock Indoors goes together with the Euro-Rock Preselections for which you can send your demos to: PI-Events, Bondgenotenlaan 130, 3000 Leuven (Belgium). As guest DJ's during this two-days-event no one else than the Belgian NIGHTBREED PARTIES will be spinning harsh tunes into the night!
- Euro-Rock Indoor tickets! -
- Euro-Rock -
- Nightbreed -

Backspace opens for VNV Nation and Icon of Coil
Detroit electro-industrial band Backspace is scheduled to open for Icon of Coil and VNV Nation on Friday November 23rd in Cleveland, OH. This will be Backspace's second performance at the Phantasy. They last performed in Cleveland with Das Ich and In Strict Confidence as part of the 1999 Totentanz Tour. The band's sound has been likened to Pulse Legion, In Strict Confidence, Cut.Rate.Box and the like. For more info visit the band's website
- Backspace -

Paralysed Age signed with Dancing Ferret
Dancing Ferret Discs announce that they have signed a worldwide deal with the newly-reformed German Goth band Paralysed Age. "Response to the label's USA-only release, "Empire of the Vampire," has created much new interest for the band, which has prompted them to record new material", says Patrick Rodgers from Dancing Ferret. The band's next album will be called "Into the Ice" and will be released in early 2002. Expect the same old-school style goth-rock with a hint of Cure influence. In further news, the band has apparently added a female vocalist who will sing on a number of songs as well.
- Paralysed Age -

Synthpop line-up known
The SynthCon 2002 event line-up is now known. The following artists will perform at the event: Beborn Beton, The Echoing Green, Freezepop, Hyper, Life Chain, Loveless, The Mourning After, No Comment, Norway2, Provision, Re:Course, S.P.O.C.K., T.O.Y., and Wave In Head. A limited number of specially discounted passes is now for sale. These passes will be sold at $55.00 for the three-day event. You will soon also be able to pre-order your SynthCon 2002 tee-shirts (available for pick-up at the event). So don't get caught without one this time around... Additionally, with the great surge in popularity of Synthpop in Spanish speaking countries, SynthCon are currently soliciting submissions from Spanish synthpop acts to fill out the 15th and final slot. Submissions will be open for approximately two weeks from the date of this release. Please contact SynthCon's booking agent, Jenz ( The Hollywood Roosevelt will be the official SynthCon hotel again this year. SynthCon will also be hosting the American Synthpop Awards ceremony.
- SynthCon -

There you have it! Check out Side-Line when you have a chance and keep the information flowing into Legend's Magazine so we can report right here, just for YOU!

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