REVIEW: Razed In Black - "Oh My Goth!"

By Pat Hawkes-Reed (GothPat)

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Oh My Goth!According to the back of the CD, this is a maxi-EP, with various remixes done of the title tune for trance and breaks DJs, as well as 6 other tracks that, before this EP, only appeared on various compilations.

I really liked the original version of Oh My Goth! I haven't heard it played in clubs (though I get the impression from the CD that it has been popular in US goth clubs), and would like to hear it in the ones I go to in the UK. Nice vocals - though I prefer the original version to the Nubreaks Virus Mix version, which is rougher and almost a bit generic sounding. There is also an extended club version of Nubreaks Virus Mix. The Dj RB Trance remix is also a version I would like to hear in would be interesting to see if it went down well in a techno/trance club rather than a goth club. There are 3 versions of this - two are extended for club mixing.

Master has a steady pounding beat, but suffers a bit from NIN-style vocals. Everything's Gone Green is a cover of the New Order classic, (nicely done) and RiB gives the song their own twist...very cool. I had to get up and do a bit of a dance when listening to this...a good thing.

Nevermeant starts promisingly, but didn't quite get my full attention. Nightmare has the same NIN vocals, but the tune and beat rescue it admirably. This is one song I would love to hear fullblast on a massive club sound system. Noting that Reza of Inertia did the remix, makes me realise that this is why I like it.

When Will I Awake? is more in the same vein as Master and Nightmare. Overflow has a very techno-trance sound to it. Very smooth and flowing with good background vocals.

All in all, I liked this EP a lot, and would be very interested in looking into hearing more.

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