REVIEW: Slow Lorries - "Slow Lorries"

By J 'Hirez' H-R

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Slow LorriesI have to say now that I find it impossible to dislike a band who write songs with choruses that go "Science is amazing." Of course if that were the only good thing about this mob, I'd be stuffed for words to fill in the rest of the space before the bottom of the page. Luckily for me, and Papa Pan's blood-pressure, there's a set of other things to care for in here as well.

According to the documentation that came stuffed in the CD, they're from Sacramento, formed in 1994 and played out for two years before singing-bloke decided to go wander the planet for the second half of the decade. Now they're back and gigging regularly. Jolly good show.

Slow LorriesIt occurs to me to wonder which side of the 'recess' (for JG Ballard fans everywhere) the songs here were written. I am strongly reminded of 'Copper Blue'-era Sugar in places, and for that reason there's a comfortably retro feel at work. Or maybe that was the last time I heard anybody bothering with tunes. No matter, there's that same impression of 'more guitars than guitarists' and downright bloody clever lyrics that manage to be completely American - English bands sound faintly ludicrous when the songs contain references to 'Catching the A train' or anything to do with skyscrapers - while at the same time the songs remind a chap of the Beatles or XTC. I wish I knew why. Maybe it's the guitars manage to chime lots without sounding crap, or the tasteful keyboards and descending guitar riff in Diamond Eyes that does Eleanor Rigby impressions before going off at a tangent and channelling the best bits from Hoover dam, or maybe it's the way the brass at the end of Elevator Number Six manage to sound both cheesy and not cheesy at the same time. Zen trumpets. Dig it daddio.

Finding myself in a bar where this lot were playing unexpectedly would be the start of a fine weekend, I suspect.

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