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And there you have it kiddies. Legends #118 hits 49 pages. I'm not sure how, considering I've been holding steady in the low 40s, but I'm sure it's not a bad thing. Hope you enjoyed it.

Next month we have the usual assortment of goodies. Our featured band interview is Netz. We also have an interesting article - yeah, a real journalistic type shizzits! - by John Ludi as he covered the RozFest '97 event in NM. Yeah, it's a bit dated, but a lot of fun. Includes his photography of the event and it's a good read - if you thought your buddy who taught himself how to speak Klingon was weird, check out these folks.

Also, come back to check out a pile of full length CD reviews from members of the staff such as Mike V., myself, Hirez, Gothpat and more. We'll look at releases from UK's Wasp Factory Records (D.U.S.T., Chaos Engine, Freudstein, Goteki), and indie bands (Silent Watcher of Dark Matter, Amber Spyglass), ADSR Musicwerks (Glis) and more. You'll get a triple shot of Off The Shelf book reviews from me (including the new underground release by Lethe Press, Trysts).

I hope our columnists The Mean Little Man and Mike Ventarola will appear - they should be hard at work in their respective dungeons banging out the wit, sarcasm and news.

We'll have poetry from Sue Simpson, fiction from Peter Miller and Logan Russell. Illustrators on board next month include the debut of Pangia as he illustrates Miller's fantasy piece, From The Letters of Father Canis: The Apple Cart, which will be a serial series that will return to us in the future as well. Maik Schlundt messes around with some of our regular writer's fiction as well, and I'll round the whole package out with a bunch more Parking Lot Is Full comics.

So I'll catch everyone next month. See you in February, have a kick-ass new year type thing and hope the overly-commercialized - yet sometimes still fun - Holidays of '01 treated you not so bad, if not damn swell.

Peace, Love and All the Trimmings (but NOT the FAT!)…

Marcus Pan
December 30, 2001

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