REVIEW: V/A - "A Cage Went in Search of a Bird"

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A Cage Went in Search of a BirdEven if you are the sort of person who barely read The Metamorphosis in high school, skimming the Cliff Notes, you know Franz Kafka wrote some bizarre stories. And thusly, it's safe to assume music inspired by him and his writing won't be bubblegum pop.

Much like the work of the author, this album is an eclectic mix of sometimes beautiful, sometimes disturbing images. Songs from bands including Attrition, Mara's Torment, Shinjuku Thief, Oblivia, and The New York Room capture the essential themes and feelings of Kafka's work. The album isn't a proper compilation CD in the sense that each song stands out; rather, each song blends into the other, leaving the listener with an atmospheric album that works as a whole, but not as individual songs.

None of the songs really reach out and grab me, but that's not a bad thing. This is almost a background music album, in the best possible sense - something to have on when reading, writing, or spending some time with someone else when you just want quiet music. As most of the songs lean towards an ethereal sound, the music almost sounds soothing at times, despite there being a whirling something else in most of the songs... a darkness... a vague discomfort... a sense that these songs are, indeed, something to be added to Kafka's legacy.

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