REVIEW - Cesium: 137 - "The Fall"

By Marcus Pan

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The FallIt was September 12, 2001. I was home because my office, located a few blocks from the World Trade Center (or what's left of them), was closed that week because of the disaster. Now I don't want to really touch upon the WTC thing much - everyone else is taking care of that from all sides as it is. But there is a story here and it does relate to Cesium: 137. So, as I was saying, it was September 12th. Laura brought in the mail and among the packages was a CD from label Tonedeaf Records, a Philadelphia based electero/EBM outfit.

The CD in question was, as you probably guessed, Cesium: 137's The Fall single. The CD cover you can see here on this page - the silhouette of a person jumping from the Empire State Building, with swirls of what I've come to consider smoke and gas milling about. Coincidence? Of course. Prophetic? Absolutely. Aren't true artists tellers in some way? I'm not saying they knew - but I am saying that true artists just see, sometimes without knowing it, and when you have talent such as the high-school born troop Isaac and Matt and the latest member (previously from Tech 9) Vince, weird shit is bound to happen.

The Fall has, over the course of the past couple of weeks, become my soundtrack. Not because of the prophetic cover - although I will admit it might say a little something about the times. But because, even though I only have this debut single to base my ideas on, the work on The Fall is highly proficient in arrangement, make-up, design and creation. These guys are young, but I defy anyone to show me a better new EBM act out there that won't kick you in the ass as hard and leave the boot rivets lodged securely in your rectal cavity.

The Fall of course is the title track - and here you'll find five version of it. Centered in the middle is Language Without Lies, the longest track standing over five minutes tall and opening with surreal samples - conversation snippets. Unintelligible but somehow meaningful. And with these two tracks I feel that their upcoming LP, Advanced/Decay, is surely going to make some serious waves in the industro-electro and EBM communities.

Smooth yet powerful, rhythmic yet experimental, Cesium: 137 know how to put together some heavy and stunningly excellent music for a bunch of just-out-of-high school (relatively speaking, from this old 3 decade fart anyway) guys. Sit back and watch - since this group opens their career with a prophetic cover why can't I add a bit of my own? - I predict this trio is going to redefine, grow and utterly take the genre by storm.

Contact Information - Tonedeaf Records:
Phone: (215) 925-7763

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