Editor's Notes

Chain Border

Merry new year and stuffages everyone. I thought it appropriate if we began 2002 with another cover design by Rev. Daryl Litts who has also done past covers of issues #111 and #115. Rev. Daryl Litts is also the designer and creator of our dragon logo that first debuted on issue #109 as well, so look him up if you have some designing work to have done, he's quite good as you can see.

This month we have two writing debuts for you - pixie joins the review staff and gives us a look at Bitter Fall and a V/A compilation called A Cage Went in Search of a Bird. Also, Uncle Joz debuts with his fiction short story, Lucy Grieves, which also features illustration by artist Michael Auger of Auger Artwork (www.arty4ever.com). Lee Alverson adorns A Bottle of Blue Pills by Eric L. Busby, the long awaited continuation in the domino series that began with Disoriented that first appeared back in Legends #109. There's more to come in that series when we bring you Nox: Dark Offering, a two-part serial, in upcoming issues.

Considering I only have a bare handful of days before this issue should hit the street, let me beg off chattering here so that I can bring you the latest Legends. So take it easy and I'll see you on the back page.

Marcus Pan
December 28, 2001

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