REVIEW: Genetic Mishap - "Bad Gene Pool"

By Azriel J. Knight

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Bad Gene PoolWhy do I get the feeling Genetic Mishap is hiding a copy of Frooty Loops or Acid Pro somewhere? Oh yeah, because the sound is unoriginal and boring, and when I mean boring I mean, wow, I forgot the CD was playing. The CD begins with some sounds thrown together aimlessly and the vocals of R.W. Marino Jr. which are nothing short of horrid. The guy actually has the nerve to call himself a mastermind on their page. I am sure they are just beating records label reps off their lawn, duck here comes another one.

Track 2 is a repetitive mess, and the lyrics of these songs have a junior high school quality. Entitled To the Limit, Marino's vocals are distorted, which still sounds god awful. I can't tell if it's someone singing or if it's a dog chewing on the mic. The album cover is adorned with a pencil drawing resembling a high school art assignment that failed. Why oh why do I feel like I am getting the ass end of the deal this month? Marcus must be picking on the new guy. By track three I am nearly in pain. There is a war brewing between my ears and the headphones. (Headphones: 3 Ears: 0)

Even with abstract music there is a certain level of form, a guideline if you will on what music basically is, and quite frankly these guys must have lost it. One would almost think Genetic Mishap is trying to sound like shit. Track 5, Damnation, brings the eye-clawing vocals of Marino back. The lyrics read, "hell is no place for a girl like you, hell is where you were born to be with me." Tell me, how the fuck does that work? In parts of the song they slow the music down and speed it back up, and down again, with some bad samples of wolves. Luckily, this only goes on for 3 minutes, and then the song is over.

Track 6 was actually tolerable; heavy distortion on the guitars and vocals make a nice "I am anger hear me roar tune" again though, a little repetitive, since it's the same guitar loop for most of the song. Genetic Mishap are fluffers of the music industry. For those of you don't know, fluffers are women who give male porn stars blow jobs so they are good and hard for the next scene. Same goes for GM, they make the real musicians look better.

The CD as a whole was a great disappointment, and literally painful to listen to. Fifteen tracks of unoriginal material that was most likely thrown together in a couple weeks while definitely being on something. If someone took a turd and shaped it into a CD, and put it into a jewel case, I would not have known the difference. Bands like these should take their CD's off the shelves or wherever they have them, bury them and start over, and practice instead of taking draft one and calling it an album. (Headphones: 15 Ears: Bleeding)


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