MP3: The Music Revolution

By Mike Ventarola

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It's hard to tell if the Hidden Sanctuary is a blessing or a curse. Not having the skills for HTML coding, volunteers from the artist roster have been cultivated to update the page on a monthly basis. The first was SINTZ, a genius in his own right, who eventually had to bow out do to commitments with film soundtrack work. Then followed Mike Riddick from The Soil Bleeds Black, who is also assigned work for many CD covers. His brilliant work has naturally caught on like fire and he too ended up taking a step back to fulfill his obligations.

Just when the thought of any assistance seemed far removed, Azriel Knight, reviewer and editor of Comatose Rose (, offered to lend a hand. Not only did he fix the codes FAST, but our dialogues also indicated that his rates are probably the most reasonable than most working on net coding today. For those interested in getting assistance with making their web page a little more "spiffy," contact Azriel at

Attention Staten Island Goths!
It seems the darkly clad on this forsaken island have taken over a tavern/coffee shop. Whet your whistle and stop for a while with other brethren of the night at:
Dolci 3800-A Richmond Ave.
Staten Island, NY

21 and over please!

Got Goth Shops?

Thanks to Blu from Starvox, she introduced me to a few more really great online shops that you just have to take a peak at.

Devout Dolls is a Northwest shop that hand makes the cutest little bat dolls as well as two headed lady dolls. No two are alike and each is named differently. If you are in the market for monsters, fairies, and other ghoulish style dolls, take a peak ant the handiwork here!

Bela Lugosi spotted in Florida! For those who still cling to the Bauhaus song Bela Lugosi's Dead, you may as well decorate your home or yard to demonstrate that penchant with a Bela Lugosi lawn ornament.

Sex, Death & Eyeliner
NOW Available. The Video and the CD soundtrack that is making goth history. The line-up of songs are simply priceless and the video is rather awesome. The video may shock some as there is a bit of vampire elements and blood fetishism filmed, but overall it was an entertaining video and one worthy of many repeated viewings.

Goth Greetings Cards
Tired of the mundane greeting cards that seem to endlessly parade your way? Turn folks on to Goth greetings and let them know that this is what you want to see in your mailbox next time they send you something too cheery!

Bad Boy Bowie!!
David Bowie has refused to sign his contract renewal with Virgin and is going more or less indie with his own label. Bowie has pretty much succumbed to the BS of the music media and churned out critically acclaimed albums that were duds with the fans. Not since Let's Dance has the artist has a hit. Quite frankly, it's about time someone of his creative genius took a stand if you ask me. Read all about it here:

London After Midnight is now in the studio writing and recording music for the next release, with a working title of Violent Acts of Beauty. A tour is planned after the CD's release sometime in 2002. Dates in the USA, Canada, Europe and Japan should be included on this tour. Check TOUR DATES page of their website for the latest info at

The Empire Strikes Back!
Myke Hideous states, "It seems to me that there is no better time than the present to bring back the apocalyptic music that THE EMPIRE HIDEOUS created for it's listeners many years ago. Songs of life and death. War and destruction. Heaven and Hell. Falling empires and revolutionary rebellions. Now, after 4 dormant years, The Empire is ready to puncture the vein for those who where aware of what I spoke of in my music so many years ago. A world of change; through the acts of violence in a nation that once stood untouched in this modern world. As I've sat and listened to the songs I've written (some more than ten years ago), I realized that I prayed they would never make so much sense. Since the idea of reforming Empire Hideous some two and a half years ago, I have been troubled by countless dilemmas that stood in my way to get this project off the ground and to my fans. Now, in light of the current events that have taken place in NYC, the stage couldn't beckon me more to shout out to the world than it already has in these past few months. In addition, my long time friend and former guitarist Jeff Austin has rejoined The Empire, completing the much awaited return. As of now, the line up for our upcoming gig in 2002 consists of the following:
Myke Hideous - vocals
Jeff Austin - lead guitar
J-Sin Trioxin - rhythm guitar
Daniel Esser - bass
Byron Barbieri - drums
The first sonic performance of The Empire Hideous will take place Saturday, January 19th, 2002, at The Batcave in NYC. Hope to see you there!"

For the ultimate in KEWL check out this link with a life-like Myke Hideous doll! Myke Hideous of the Empire Vivendi Starring as Screwged!

It was only a matter of time before the charade that took place with the Universal/Vivendi takeover of MP3 started to wind its way into the halls of the company itself. It seems that instead of Christmas bonuses this year, many employees received the pink slip! This, mind you, from a company that puts the CEO in a 17 million dollar NYC apartment, but pays artists a mere half a penny for their musical work. If Dickens were to write A Christmas Carol today, Universal would be the new Scrooge. Just goes to show that the major labels don't care who they screw, even if it is one of their own.

Sin was never this much fun!
With the downfall of MP3, folks longing for good indie music have been traveling to Ampcast. The band, The Sins are not currently mating with Yaks in foreign territory as some rumors would have you believe. They ARE gathering a lot of steam from the goth music fans who have discovered their brilliant work on Ampcast and are sitting in the #1 spot as of this writing. They have been so busy with their working on their first release that their absence had some folks very concerned to their whereabouts and activity. Now you know the truth. Be on the lookout for their first full CD, The Beginning, to be released in February.

Speaking of Ampcast, artists who want to place music online in an environment that severely deals with cheaters are highly encouraged to seek out Ampcast. There is only an annual sign up fee, as opposed to the monthly fee from the MP3 money hounds. Artist concerns are dealt with promptly, songs are approved in a matter of minutes and cheaters are tossed off the site, thereby allowing the cream to rise to the top.

SINTZ You Went Away!
Sintz, the former webmaster of the Hidden Sanctuary page as mentioned in the opening is happy to announce that the film Dysphoria is well underway. Below is a list of the artists involved in the soundtrack.

Pulsar Bleu - Insomnia (Trip Hop)
Phil Traynor - THOROUGHLY LORBER (Jazz)
Michael Yongue - (Radio Announcer Voice)
Distorted Penguins - Cloud 9 (Alternative)
SiNSeeker - Custom Written Music (Rap)
And of course SINTZ - Custom Written Score (Dream Scape),
FX Sound, Post Production Sound and Soundtrack Faith & The Muse
(from Side-Line Magazine..bless their hearts!)

To hold us over until next years F&TM new studio album William and Monica have delivered 28 hard to find and unreleased tracks for your perusal. For over eight years Faith and the Muse have been writing material that blend an array of musical styles from gothic/darkwave, to ethereal/ambient, to industrial and classical. Vera Causa is a 2 disc set that contains rarities, live tracks, remixes, and covers most of which were previously unreleased. Remixers include Collide, Laboratory X, L'ame Immortalle, Rhea's Obsession, Purr Machine, Cassandra Complex, and The Trace. Included are renditions of Kate Bush's Running Up that Hill and Hollow Hills by Bauhuas plus much more. Look for William and Monica on tour in Europe this fall.

It's a short month of news folks simply because of holiday shopping and never ending hunt for bargain prices in this disastrous economy. Hopefully you have all had a joyous holiday season and are ready to shop for some more dark music soon!

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