REVIEW: Noise Process - "Neural Code"

By Rat Bastard

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Neural CodeArizona's Noise Process definitely have the concept of 'Truth in Advertising' concept down pat. An examination of the cover of their new full length debut release Neural Code, with its computer graphics and circuitboard imagery, instantly warns of the electronically-induced aural assault awaiting the listener (as opposed to say, a polka-induced aural assault... though I suppose there could be a possibility of an electronic polka-induced aural assault, but that would simply be, as it is referred to in The Business(tm), "fucked up"). And Noise Process certainly delivers on this front.

Noise Process's sound is a hard-edged and aggressive brand of EBM/Industrial, with thick and throbbing dancebeats combined with layers of complex synth programming for additional texture and atmosphere, and coated with angry and heavily distorted male vocals. Those familiar with the genre will be able to make definite comparisons to artists such as Velvet Acid Christ, Mentallo and the Fixer and Funker Vogt.

Neural Code doesn't really take off until the third track, Drifting, as the first two, Incarnate and More Than Once are actually the weakest on the album. However, this is compensated for by remixes of these two tracks, which are tacked onto the end, after the slow and atmospheric interlude of Ellipsis, which provides the only period of rest amidst the steady dancefloor onslaught.

In short, Noise Process don't really offer anything particularly new and revolutionary in the genre…at least not yet. However, Neural Code is certainly a competent entry into the world of aggressive and dark EBM, which is probably sufficient cause for fans of any of the previously mentioned bands to, at the very least, give Neural Code a listen.

Post: 10039 Nth 40th Lane, Phoenix, AZ, 85051

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