By Sue Simpson

Chain Border

21 times I will meet you
I like you, you see you amuse me
You're my latest doll in a cupboard of toys
And a thing, no an object of beauty
You sing and you dance and you're soft to the touch
Your hair feels like silk through my fingers
Those pretty blue eyes catch the light when you move
And your smile in my memory lingers
An intelligent wit holds my interest
Or the fact you would have your own way
You have thoughts of your own and opinion
And a focus, a presence for twenty one days
I'll parade you with joy on my arm for a time
For twenty one times in fact
I'll dine you in places that don't know my name
I'll show you to strangers and see them react.
At times I'm in sorrow to lose you all
When twenty-one sunsets melt sky
Often I want to play with you still
But twenty-one's stronger than I
Twenty one times she refused me
Though twenty one times I begged grace
I did flowers and chocolates and jewellery
Till pounding hammer contorted her face.
I gaze at you now, in my chamber
Together we watch the last fading light
The ties that bind hold you fast to my bed
I shall kill you this twenty first night.

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