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Well, that about does it kiddies. Next month we'll have a lot of great fiction features coming your way. Features like the first part of Eric L. Busby's NOX: Dark Offering with illustration by Lee Alverson - we revisit the world of Kaine once again. Also Logan Russell brings us Crone which includes illustration by Deathfish. I have lots more coming from this new writer who debuted a few issues back so watch for him - such as his two part story Safe As Houses. And of course, our darling of the macabre, Sue Simpson, puts away her poetic slant next month and offers you three short fiction pieces. But if you liked the poems this month, which we don't usually do, I have for you a poem called The Watcher by Roger Ruthen just for kicks.

I'll take a good long look at the Bio of a Space Tyrant series and even touch upon more horror-cheese in next month's Off The Shelf. Many of our music staffers will appear with looks at lots of new music including some new picks out the gate from labels like Rivithead Records, Tone Casualties and Diva Nation to name a few. While there will be no feature band interview next month, you can look forward to some music specials coming thereafter such as an interview with artist Blue and a review of the documentary film American Rumble.

So I'll see you next month folks. Peace, love and all the trimmings (but NOT the FAT!)…

Marcus Pan
February 3, 2002 @ 6:37AM

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