REVIEW: Amber Spyglass - "Amber Spyglass"

By Zubrovka

Chain Border

Amber SpyglassA five track CD of finely woven gossamer threads of femme emotion, spun with a guitar and sound somewhat reminiscent of late 1960's psychedelic bands like It's a Beautiful Day and McKendree Springs. Yet it carries a body of its own too.

Blending genres much like King Crimson, carving an almost mythical line into your thoughts, swirling and dancing, like scarf magic. The fabric is wrought up in the music and the lovely if down beat vocals of singer Kelly Godshall. She slowly pulls you along a corridor of dark innuendo and somehow makes it all feel right.

First listen and I'm saying, "oh what a depressive soak." Play it a couple of more times and the mood changes, it becomes hauntingly beautiful. The guitarist, John De Gregorio, plays quite a diverse catalogue of sound. Almost a grunge and suddenly it sounds classical, no jazz. Always spiraling down underneath Godshall's vocals.

Adja Snyder colors the fabric with keyboard work and a flute (more King Crimsonesque influence). Special mention goes to the drum work, almost tribal in its beat and origins. The CD lists Fernando Medina as drummer, along with other musicians who contributed: Jason Volpini on bass, (providing excellent steerage) and Peter Johnson on keyboards on one track.

The sound is elusive and variable, soft and morose, intense and hard edged.

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