REVIEW: Church of Chaos - "Snow White and the Seven Deadly Sins"

By Marcus Pan

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Snow White and the Seven Deadly SinsOne of the most interesting outfits to step up out of the Blue lately is Virginia's Church of Chaos. A holy trinity consisting of frontman and religious zealot Father Nookie, the sexy acolyte Lucida Vale and fellowman Victor Axis. Church of Chaos' music is rife with chaotic industrial sounds as you would probably guess, touched (and not lightly) with sexual prowess and delivered to the masses as a form of spirituality.

Besides their Buy Your Salvation debut full length and their new Snow White and the Seven Deadly Sins CD, there are also available quite a number of videos (S.I.N., Whore of Babylon and others) to go along with this and to top it off a half hour long introductory video, Vibe 'n Groove 'n Video, which consists of a talk-show like taped interview with the three and their fourth stage member Fairy Dust complete with sidenote commentary by producer Blue. The package overall is compelling, interesting and just weird enough to make you want to listen.

Brandishing Vibe and Groove like weapons similar to St. Michael and his sword, the CoC preach throughout. On one hand they provide a common ground for the fans - on the other they slam religions and mass followings of virtually all types by becoming outrageous parodies of the same. Songs like S.I.N. ("Salvation is negotiable") and Lust open their Snow White and the Seven Deadly Sins release with symbols of spirituality, but condemn much of the same with ironically charged lyrics.

Church of ChaosFurther tracks like Miss Sin open in fairy tale form and tell stories about the fallen - those same that the Church of Chaos claim to be saving by Vibe 'n Grooving their souls to the promised land. Tracks like Sermon of Nookie II serve to provide looks into the mind of this trinity by providing spoken word over rhythmic movements. Throughout the album, the CoC utilize industrial, EBM, electronic, experimental and funk by fusing them together into very interesting pieces of sound. And if you think that's not enough of a mix, check out Organic Love Juice where they throw in traditional classical music strains - cello no less if I'm not mistaken - just to fuck you up.

Church of Chaos is a refreshing experience. Funky, vibalicious, sensual, freaky and spiritual. Parodies yet serious - ironic yet truthful. They're definitely an act you should check out, especially live. If you find that Judaism is too strict, Christianity too hypocritical, Scientology too expensive, the Subgenius too snide and like me had a kid and therefore can no longer be in the Church of Euthanasia - here's a new faith for the hungry soulless freaks of this fucked up world. After all the only way to get through to the fucked up is to be fucked up - and the Church of Chaos are nothing if not fucked up. But their fucked up with style. I love it!

P.S. Make sure you swing by the CoC website where you can download the videos that I mentioned and more.

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