REVIEW: Glis - "Extract"

By Marcus Pan

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ExtractADSR, how do I love thee - let me count the ways. From Noxious Emotion to Apocrypho, ThouShaltNot to SMP. Seattle's premiere EBM/electronic label this time offer just a little taste of what I hope will soon become a main course with Glis' Extract EP. Four tracks of electronic bliss and moving rhythmic intonations. From the very first time I spun this nugget I knew I was going to write this one myself because I'm fucking keeping it. Like four perfectly appetizing mozzarella sticks preceding an awe-inspiring cut of perfectly cooked prime rib. Hold on a second while I go get something to eat.

Glis is a two boy one girl trio who come together to create wonderfully arranged electronic scores. Extract is ADSR's offering from this group made up of Shaun (singer, songwriter, programmer), And-Rea (singer, songwriter) and Karoloz.M (samples, concepts). Now like I said - this is only an appetizer. It's going to go by quick, smooth and sublimely so don't blink or you'll miss it.

Extract is a 4 track EP only. This is the most depressing part about the CD. It's only four tracks. From the moment Shaun crashes the CD open with his sudden vocal barrage on It's Empty in Her Eyes, to the final robotic cut My Cruelty, you're whisked away on what can only be described as - and I'm going to say it again because it's so damn appropriate - electronic bliss. The musical arrangement isn't quite new per se, but it is excellently done and greatly controlled giving any EBM fanatic an great round of music.

A good deal must be said about the vocal work of Shaun and And-Rea. The two of them wrap their lyrics around one another like snakes in heat. You'll notice this immediately with the opening It's Empty in Her Eyes. You'll long for it as this skill is used sparingly in The Storm. You'll love the swift groove of Nightvision and thrill at the way And-Rea's voice makes love to the synthesizer melodies - just enough to entice. And then, finally, And-Rea takes the lead in My Cruelty, with touch-ups to both vocalists for a bit of robotic splendor. And suddenly you realize that this is very fucking cruel. Because now it's over. Hope you didn't blink…

I am on my knees begging Glis to Extract something more for us.

Post: ADSR Musicwerks, 1512 11th Ave., Seattle, WA, 98122
Phone: (206) 320-TWEEK

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