REVIEW: Goteki - "Fight the Saucermen"

By Pat Hawkes-Reed
Live Photo by Pat Hawkes-Reed

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Fight the SaucermenOnce upon a time, there was a cybergoth band in the UK. They were called Sneaky Bat Machine and they delighted many goths/cybers with their weird bleepy/spooky songs and their charming stage presence. Songs like Trick or Treat, Boneshaker and Release the Bats had their followers dancing up a storm. But, as things evolve in the world, they had a bit of a shake-up and they became Goteki. Their sound became even more "bleepy" or techo/industrial, and goths still like them. Goteki are: Sneaky, Dr. A and Crash...303 and a whole bunch of synths, keyboards and samples.

Fight the Saucermen is their first full release as part of the Wasp Factory stable, and a mighty fine release it is. The opening track, Futurist/Martian Antivocal Mix, is full out joy...a bit like a techno two-step but not the least bit country. Fight the Saucermen is a bit like SBM...maybe it's just Sneaky's voice...but it's bouncy and fun. Kenjutsu Ballet is an instrumental with a Japanese feel. One can see "gothic lolitas" swooping on a dancefloor to this.

GotekiWe Can Rebuild You is a kindred spirit to S.P.O.C.K.'s latest album...which I it makes me want to dance around! Signal Zero is another instrumental, but very industrial. I can see this as a soundtrack to an instructional film with conveyor belts and pile-driven pistons filling the screen.

We Can Rebuild You/$6,000,000 Mix takes that S.P.O.C.K. sound and turns it up a good notch with harder beats. Fight the Saucermen/Graybashing Remix is close to the original but adds a throbbing bassline to the melody. Fight the Saucermen/Nikijon Fetchi Remix takes the original and twists it into a gabba drum and bass free-for-all. If you have never heard this style of music, it's almost pointless to explain it-it makes for the most interesting frenzy on a dancefloor! Extension is another instrumental, but very haunting and dreamy.

I highly recommend this CD, and I am someone who tends to not be very cyber at all. Good music is good music, no matter the packaging.


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