People of the Night

By Sue Simpson

Chain Border

Intrepid warrior, carrion war
Puking over clubs dance floor
Watering hole, flanked by herd
Whispered voices overheard
Strobe lights calling, tribal dance
War paint amazon, breasts enhance
Swaying to the deep percussion
Simulated mating, no discussion
Drinking, drinking, drinking breed
Last orders war cry, fresh stampede
Urinate loudly, legs apart
Preening peahen made up tart
People of the night attract
People of the night react
People of the night amass
People with no class
Last dance moving, holding touching
Wanting needing, urging rushing
Spilling into moonlit night
Searching, calling, baying, might
Walking, mingled, arms entwined
Dizzy, shifting, unrefined
Picked up, mixed up, drunken suckling
Nameless, loveless, wanton coupling
Strangers reaching, grasping, searching
Wondering, question, push it, lurching
Fences, boundaries, sand drawn line
Liberties taken, take no time
People of the night awake
People of the night mistake
People of the night lay blame
People with no shame
People of the dawn forgot
People of the dawn know not
People of the dawn feel shame
Stranger with no name
Nothing in common, nothing to say
Didn't like him anyway
Garments picked up from the floor
Stranger slams the door

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