Though I Walk Through the Valle of Death

Chain Border

Yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I shall fear no evil
For thou art my tarnished nemesis
The one who pissed on my soul.

You took my hand and offered me the strength of your protection. Then I supported you through the darkness of night and the shadows of dawn. I held you up when I was tired and carried your load with my own.

Yeah though I walk over littered shards of broken glass,
I shall fear no feeling of pain

For thou art my fallen angel
The one who chewed out my heart?

You wiped away my salted tears, and promised I'd never know sorrow. Then I rocked your body as you sobbed until dry, and stroked the sweat from your dampened hair
I drowned in your heartbreak, I cared.

Yeah though I waltz with the demons of hell
I shall fear no taint on my spirit
For though art my evil oppressor
The one who gouged out my eye.

You told me you'd love me as I yearned to be loved. Then I gave you my all for forever. I fought with your fears and drove them away. I bore all your need and I loved.

Yeah though I walk through the streets of depression, through the alleys of desperation and along the paths of loneliness. Though I traipse up the hills of despair on the pavements of pain and down the hills of regret.

I shall fear nothing.

For although you are gone

I am stronger.

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