I sincerely hope that my latest issue was thoroughly enjoyed. I'd like to thank all the readers of Legends.

Undoubtedly you are now asking what's next. You can look forward to the following in Issue No. 13:

We continue our Vietnam Mini-Series with Part III, "Wounded." It's back to the battlefield and firefight once again. By the way, this mini-series is scheduled to be six parts.

Chapter 7 of the acclaimed Albinor Chronicles, and Legends' most read series. This time we visit the shires, land of the halflings. Seems the elves aren't the only ones with war on their minds. Chapter 7-"Breaking of the Shires."

Number 2 of our new verse series. An orcan chant known as "Old One-Eye."

Plenty more of our famous spacers. So fare thee well, peace, love and happiness, and see you soon is Issue 13!