Editor's Notes

Welcome to LEGENDS ISSUE 12. This issue we debut our newest submitted author, Dawn McCall, and kick off her new fictional series "Gelfling Hand" with its first chapter in the beginning issue. I am hoping it continues and doesn't "fade away" like Mar-ee's "Arganatheon" which never made it past Chapter 1.

We also continue our Vietnam Mini-Series with Part II, "Town and Country." This is a new vision of Vietnam, as it takes you out of the battlefields and into the native villages of the country.

We have a nice article about near-death experiences (NDEs) in pre-teen children. Called "Children of the Light" it raises more questions of life after death.

And I would like to wish the Chubb Institute's class of J336 good luck in the trials ahead. And good luck to one of our illustrators who is leaving for Indiana. Good luck to Rose.

Enjoy this issue!!!

Marcus Pan