Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Gelfling Hand Chapter 1

By Dawn McCall

October 4, 002

The night is stormy not like a regular storm but it was different. There was something in the air that wasn't right. The sky was amber instead of ebony like it's usually. Something bizarre was coming and I felt it. I was a gelfling. I am the last of them. When something terrible is going to happen I get this strange feeling of alarm that only gelflings have. My name is Tira. A long time ago there were more like me but there was an explosion. The three moons came together as one, known as the Great Conjunction. This was for a gelfing to return a crystal shard to its rightful place although it was in the hands of the headmaster of the skel-ins. They look like vultures with big gowns on. They hold the huge crystal as they look through it as if it was a future teller. The skel-ins know what is about to happen. They know that one gelfling exists. They know if a gelfling hand gets hold of a crystal shard and puts it in its rightful place, a new world will begin. It won't be dark and evil. My master Truo calls me. I am alarmed by the way he calls me. My master tells me I have a mission. He tells me of the Great Conjunction. I was young when I was told about it. My master saved me from the explosion when I was a baby. My master taught me everything I know. I came to sense that my master was dying and I have to fulfil his dream to make a new world whole. Truo dies as I start my journey. Follow me…