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It kind of sucks to finish up one issue only to have to begin immediately on another. Due to a lot of things - financial stress, complete lack of a solid schedule, too many 24-48 hour consciousness periods and a pool table and unlimited keg two doors down - it just didn't come together like it usually does. However, as we near the end of the short month of February, the entire staff pitched in by getting everything in on time. Now that they've done their job with panache and aplomb, I guess it's my turn.

For the next couple months, this one included, Legends is going to be highlighting fiction. The music will be there, sure, and we'll return to music features in May with exclusive interviews with Omnibox, Blue and more. But I think it's time to celebrate the wordsmiths for a little while. You'll still find the full gamut of reviews - this month make sure you check out Notes From the Reel Underground, Karma Sutra's debut release Prana, the Black Winter compilation and the second installment of Banabila's VoizNoiz series. So of course you'll get all the music you expect. It's just simply that I couldn't run such beauties as Sue Simpson's Drift, Logan's Crone or the return of Eric Busby with Nox: Dark Offering without giving it the attention it deserves. So fiction readers, you'll have a blast this and next month.

In other news, I'm still sucking off of the teat of New York State to survive. Now excuse me while I figure out how I'm going to pay for the latest batch of cigarettes.

Marcus "Hey Buddy Can You Spare a Dime?" Pan
February, 25 2002 - 4:35PM

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