REVIEW: Karma Sutra - "Prana"

By Dan Century

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PranaThose of you who have had the pleasure to experience any of Preston Klik's musical projects - My Scarlet Life, Bed of Roses, Scarlet Life, Cicatrix - know that Preston is dedicated to creating magnificently sensual, yet spiritual music, while avoiding the traps and limitations of pop music, and incorporating a diverse palette of musical styles. At the core of every one of Preston's projects is an exquisite female vocalist - throughout the years he has managed to join up with the most talented singers you're likely to hear on any record, rivaling if not surpassing pop music's most celebrated divas. Karma Sutra, Preston's latest aural endeavor, is no different - East Indian vocalist Mona Jethmalani is yet another remarkably talented and enchanting chanteuse. What makes Karma Sutra truly unique is the infusion of Mona's artistic and cultural heritage, and the passion and sensuality she weaves into every verse.

It is certain that Karma Sutra is not a trivial, one-time experiment - this blending of worlds works from the first note to the last beat. Preston and Mona have created something gorgeous and lasting. Prana is a sincere mixture of traditional Indian vocal styles, melodies and percussion, with occidental song structures, English lyrics and cutting-edge production. This is what the trip-hop, chillout and post-industrial ambient (whatever genre Delirium belongs to) scenes have been waiting for.

Preston does a magnificent job providing the body for Mona's soulful melodies - from the aquatic ambience of Ocean, to the playful and angelic tones of March Together. The addition of Amy Spina on percussion is the icing on the cake - Amy gives the album its pulse. Together they've produced an album so rich with spirit and sensuality, you'll swear it's alive.

Prana is an uncommon album in the sense that you'll rarely skip ahead to a specific track - while the songs encompass many genres and styles, you'll want to listen to it as a whole. Come home from a stressful day at school or work, shut the door, and immerse yourself in the sound of Karma Sutra - Mona's sweet voice is as soothing as a warm bath. Set the mood for a romantic encounter with Prana's passionate tones, but beware, music this sensual and seductive will set the stage for love so intense you might not be prepared for it - don't waste music this special on one night stands, save it for the one you truly love. Mark my words, this CD will be amongst your most borrowed and stolen possessions - because it's that good.

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