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By Mike Ventarola

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Usually this column begins with information about businesses that deserve our patronage. In some way or another, past highlights were of folks in the underground who simply assisted the scene with their many artistic talents.

However, in light of the recent diatribe from the local community around Albion-Batcave-Downtime club in NYC, it is important to emphasize the need to support the scene by patronizing the various clubs catering to this niche musical genre of goth/industrial.

Sadly, many nights and many clubs all across the globe have shut their doors due to lack of participation. Some of the clubs are also sitting targets for those in the political arena with a hidden agenda, such as the suspected legality surrounding Albion-Batcave. Adding further insult to injury, more of the younger generation are increasingly swiping music files from assorted internet arenas, thereby depriving the very artists who strive to keep an essence of the music scene alive. If you simply can't afford to go out to the clubs or are underage, support the scene by purchasing the music of the underground artists. As independents, they are not given major pocket cash by the major labels. No matter how well their status and position may appear to the outside world, many of these bands struggle with day jobs, night rehearsals, grueling tour schedules, and large payouts to the road crew working with them.

In essence, enjoy your downloadable music, but please support the scene by going to the clubs that cater to it and the artists whose sole survival is dependent upon their music sales.

This in from Projekt Records! New tracks from Black Tape for a Blue Girl for free download.

Two new tracks from the upcoming Black Tape for a Blue Girl album "The scavenger bride" have been uploaded to the band's webpage. Included are "All my lovers" (currently #2 on the gothrock chart) and "Floats in the updrafts" (#13). If you want to support the band, download or stream these tracks. The album is scheduled for release on April 23rd. The album will be Black Tape's 8th and includes vocal work by Elysabeth Grant, Audra's Bret Helm and Spahn Ranch's Athan Maroulis as well as percussion and instruments by Unto Ashes' Michael Laird.

Pulsar Bleu SCORES! has nominated Pulsar Bleu in their awards as "artist of the year." The artists received second place behind Artefakt in this category which is quite an honor for this humble musicians with the seductive music.

Also New from Water Records, released 2/4/02, Pulsar Bleu is one of the contributing artists to this magnificent chill out compilation, located at

Getting Hot in Canada

Chiwawa is a Canadian band which is vocally fronted by the lovely chanteuse, Laurie Gordon. The music is refreshingly different, where all the previous genres of the world are poured into a blender and served up with infectious rhythms. The band name comes from the root "Chi" for life and "wawa" for water, the sustainer of life. Tune in if you haven't already at

Another Canadian band that are turning heads is Aphasia, a strong industrial outfit with sonic nuances that are delivered fresh and with great vocals. Imagine that, someone doing industrial music who can SING for a change…what a novel idea whose time has been LONG overdue. Listen to sound samples at

GothCon is around the corner, so for those of you attending hurry and get your act together. Go to for more information about this annual event being held in New Orleans, home to Anne Rice, Poppy Z. Brite and voodoo queen, the late Marie Laveue!

Trilogy of Terror!

Plans are underway for an alliance between Hidden Sanctuary, Starvox Magazine and DarkCell music to release a 3 CD boxed set featuring many underground artists. Although compilations are not new to the scene, the fact that THIS one intends on paying the artists is.

In times past, very few artists have ever been paid for their inclusion of music on compilations, which is really shameful considering how well some compilations actually do in the market.

In light of the current economic crisis, music file stealing and financially hurting bands, the 3 groups pooled their resources and decided to launch this special set that will indeed pay the artist for the sales of the music. When it hits the stores, you will feel good knowing that the purchase is FINALLY going towards the artists instead of some corporation who simply wants to keep cranking out the same tunes for the simple means of milking profits at the artists expense.

If some of you are still in the dark ages regarding print magazine who cover the underground scene, you simply MUST check out Dark Realms, New Grave Magazine, Gothic Beauty, Vampyre Magazine and the phenomenal Side-Line Magazine Each magazine is chock full of music reviews, dark film reviews, interviews, up and coming concert and music releases and MORE. It is simply money well spent.

Mindless for the Masses!

Mindless Faith recently inked a deal with MTV, licensing their phenomenally selling CD Manifest Destiny to be a part of the music for Road Rules and Real World. Mindless Faith are also one of the many HS bands chosen from 65,000 bands to appear at this years 3 day GothCon event in New Orleans from March 28th through March 30th. For more info -

Those in New York can also catch them LIVE Saturday, March 2, 2002 at the Albion-Batcave-Downtime 251 West 30th Street

Currently the band is the featured artist for the month of February at and is presently gearing up for a new release in May 2002.

"Manifest Destiny" & songs "All These Years" & "Candythoughts" were nominated in the Just Plain Folks 2001 Awards! Their CD was chosen from over 2,400 CDs entries and their two songs from over 35,000 contenders!

"All These Years" received 3rd place for Industrial/Techno Song and "Manifest Destiny" got 4th place for Industrial/Techno Album
For more info -

Love Spirals Fans in for a Treat!

Love Spirals recently added the new track, Windblown Kiss as a sneak peek from their forthcoming album. This is described as "Dreamy, ethereal - yet earthy - ballad with English & German vocals. Powerful in its simplicity of guitar and voice, with a subtle touch of strings." [#1 in Shoegazer 2/14/02!] Go listen at

Not taking a moment to rest, Anji from Love Spirals also offers up a side project with a bit more dark and goth elements to it. The band is called Delphinium and is described as "Somewhere between Electronic & Alternative, with a blend of ethereal & experimental sounds. Electronics, guitars and vocals -- mainly female -- are the mainstay of this dark-tinged duet." Music can be found at

You Gotta Complex? Wanna Get one?

Positive Complex in concert
Sunday, March 10th 2002 Digital Infection - [Monthly event] @ the Haunt 702 Willow Ave., Ithaca, NY 14850 10pm +Complex - 11pm CY:RX - DJ Malign & DJ Strange spin Industrial & Darkwave $7 -18 and over/$5 -21+ with valid ID to drink Doors at 9pm, dancing till...? info: 607 275 3447

Saturday, April 13th 2002 The Dawning @ the Tokyo Rose: 2171 Ivy Rd, Charlottesville, VA Gothic, Industrial, EBM, Synthpop and Retro 80s 10pm - 2am $5 cover, All ages Showtime at 11pm come out early and get sushi too! contact: Liam O'Rourke - or Christiane Knight-

Tapping The Vein Info:
Since the fans are sitting on pins and needles anticipating the first full release from Nuclear Blast Records, the band will be gearing up for an exhaustive tour schedule.
Saturday, 3/2/02, at QXT, Newark, NJ, 10pm, 18+
3/9 Philadelphia,
3/16 New York City
3/27 Clifton NJ
3/30 Manayunk PA
4/6 Asbury Park NJ
(4/10) Heather's Birthday, be sure to send a card!
4/12 Reading PA
4/13 Baltimore MD

SPECIAL!! There is a remix track of The Ledge whose original version will be available on their new CD. Listen to this awesome song at For more info including club addresses and phone numbers, please visit: NEWS Update: The album release has been set as March 3, 2002 for overseas and April 16th, 2002 for the US.

Well, that seems to be all the news for this turn at the wheel. Remember to keep the info coming in, and it will be reported right here.

Please be kind to your Club DJ's and offer them something to drink at the very least, since they can't leave their hot little booths much of the time.

Remember to buy the music when you can and SUPPORT the scene in any way you can other than whining lip service!

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