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Well that does it this month kiddies. Next month we'll be returning to a strong theme of music with feature interviews with Omnibox and Blue. We'll also have the Off The Shelf review of Charles Romalotti's gothic novel Rash and King's Pet Sematary.

We'll have our fiction there too - the final chapter to Logan Russell's Safe As Houses, two new stories by Sue Simpson and also a one-shot story by Logan as well - The Dinner Party. Upcoming thereafter in fiction will be more in the Letters of Father Canis series with illustration work by Pangia, Zubrovka and Ms. Laura. Lee Alverson is looking over a new brutal fantasy piece by Unkle Joz, Birthing, which you can look forward to as well.

Also, the music review staff will step up as usual - including the debut reviews of new staff writer DarkSol. Also recently hired is reviewer, Grave from the UK, who you'll see a bit later than next month, and possibly another currently in the final interview stages with me. But as far as what's next month in the reviews? Sozra; Monkey Monks; Hideous Input; Netz; Headscan and St. John's Eve just to give you a partial list.

At Legends Online the new forums have opened (using Ikonboard software) where you can ramble and yell and scream and simply jest if you like. There will be other changes at our online home in the future as well - including new picture capabilities at partner site the Net.Goth Directory ( and some clean-up going on to streamline things.

So we'll end it here. I hope you enjoyed this month's issue and we'll be back in May with more. Take it sleazy and rawk on. And always remember…

The Darker the Music…the Brighter the Mind!

Peace, Love and All the Trimmings (but NOT the FAT!)…

Marcus Pan
Editor d00d
March 25, 2002 8:31 PM

P.S. Aren't you glad you're not an Outer Space Head?

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