REVIEW: Combatdrug - "Low Spirits"

By Rat Bastard

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Low Spirits"Funky electronic music" is really the only description that I have for Combatdrug's debut album, Low Spirits. Each track is full of heavy beats and funky rhythms...and it's all created (you guessed it) electronically. In short, the Combatdrug formula is thus: Take some deep and funky (and entirely non-organic) beats and bass. Layer some electronic sounds over it; some dissonant, some a bit more melodic. Insert samples in a couple of places. Let the funk flow.

Of course, the question arises: Is it good? Well, I wouldn't call it 'bad,' but pop-song seekers should beware. Also, the production of this album does give the impression that this is obviously the work of one man, his sequencing software and the time on his hands. Many electronic music aficionados may want to look elsewhere for something a little more 'meaty' (or would that be something more 'cyberific', in this case?), unless they're into trading discs of various experimentations with Acid/Cakewalk/Soundforge/whatever, or fond of video game soundtracks. All of the songs on this album have different names (like boombox bombin and panda girls (ride them bones)), but I'm not sure that it really matters, as the entire album tends to blend together into one big song for me.

The album is not without its moments, of course. 87 Death and Starry Eyed Child are a couple of my favorite tracks. However, Combatdrug's music is mostly meant for the background, as far as I'm concerned. So, next time you throw a party, put it on. If your guests fail to appreciate, then I suspect that they simply didn't play enough Commodore 64 games as a child.

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Post: Eightyx Music, P.O. Box 331103, Fort Worth, TX, 76163

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