Editor's Notes

Chain Border

Alrighty kiddies. Another month goes by. The weather's warming up a bit, which means that soon I can go find my green thumb in the basement and go kill some plantage in that small 3' x 3' space I call my backyard. Ok…it's not really 3' x 3'. But it might as well be. And while I make another year's attempt at turning the backyard into grasslands, I will watch longingly over the back fence and wonder yet again what the laws say about armored movement into borderland territory and how long I could lay claim to it versus neighborly resistance. I'll be the crazy leader and the Mean Little Man can be the field general. It works for the Middle East…war IS legal.

In other news, we're moving close to the day where I can move the Legends office from the laundry room (this part is not a joke) to the basement and create the official real kinda office thingy. Instead of having to stop writing this whenever the dryer buzzes (this part is not a joke either). Then I can hover from dungeon to office and actually hear all you pain in the asses send pop up messages to me and catch you online to reply instead of coming up from the dungeon to find that so-and-so was trying to reach me but is gone now.

This is all the crap one gets to do when they don't have anything to go to…like a job. I either gots the cash and nots the time…or the time and nots the cash. [sigh]

Read on kiddies. Tons of stuff this issue. Vampires, space tyrants, talking otters and more abound…

Marcus "Got the Time, Not the Dime" Pan
March 25, 2002 @ 7:05PM

Legends Online