REVIEW: Persephone's Dream - "Opposition"

By pixie

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OppositionThe image the music of Persephone's Dream conjures up for me is a woman on a stage, possibly for a VH-1 television show, dressed in Janis Joplin gear, fronting a band of black-clad nouveau beatnicks. This isn't to say Persephone's Dream isn't entirely competent - they are, and clearly show musical ability. The singer, Karin's, vocals are beautifully high-pitched, melodic, and warm. I think I would be in love with her voice, were the music not screaming "bar band" at me. The closest vocal stylings I can think of are those of the illustrious Caroline Blind from Sunshine Blind.

The thing is, I really wanted to love this disc. It's clear to me that the band does have talent, and as I said, the vocals are amazing. But I can't get past the overall package, which sounds dated and old to me. It seems almost a shame, considering the apparent technical abilities of the band. Songs fall apart at points, such as the spoken-word bits on Kindred Soil (the second track) or when the vocals seem to be lost in the mix, such as on Dreamcatcher Static.

Nonetheless, I think there are people who would quite like Persephone's Dream. They're an eclectic band, who seem to pull off of straight rock, prog-rock, the bar band sound, and tie it all together with a gothic undernet. I think I would like to hear more from them, especially if they pulled their gothic influences to the forefront, as I think Karin's vocals hit upon something that is most definitely suited for a goth band.

Ultimately, though, I think Persephone's Dream is likely a love/hate band. I am sure many people would be drawn to the eclectic and diverse sound, others would be put off. Considering the talent inherently visible on this disc, I think it's a risk worth taken as a listener.

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