Off The Shelf: "Rambo: First Blood Part II"

by Marcus Pan

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Rambo: First Blood Part III've been doing some nostalgic things lately. I just finished going through my comic book collection from when I was younger and I'm definitely going to read them again. And as such, I'm going through old books I read and liked when I was younger and that's how the old 80s cliché' of Rambo appears in this here column.

Now honestly - I liked Rambo. My father and I will both agree that First Blood, also written by David Morrell, was a classic in the art of action movies. And while Rambo: First Blood Part II became a spoofable product for years to come, the macho man ideal stepped into a new genre with First Blood. Sly became the James Dean of the era for some.

But now the book. This written version of Rambo: First Blood Part II came after the movie. It seems to be an adaptation of the movie rather than the movie being adapted from the book. It lacked much because of this. Always when they do a movie version of a book the movie version is lacking. And likewise this was lacking from a movie that was already a poorly done sequel to a classic action film that didn't need a sequel.

Dialogue was kind of messy - they could have kept the radio conversations the same in cut scenes. When one guy says, "Roger," on one side of the country then you cut to the other side of the country and open the scene with that quote…it keeps continuity. This peeved the hell out of me for some reason.

I find the action scenes rather obvious too…but that could be because I've seen the movie. I guess this is just one of those rare stories that you really should experience just once - movie or book, take your pick. And to sum it up, this is one of those rare stories that really IS better in the movie.

Movies either kick off as movies - or get adapted from books. Let's not fuck up again and go backwards with a book adaptation of a movie anymore, ok?

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"Rambo: First Blood Part II" by David Morrell
A Jove Book
Copyright © 1985 by David Morrell
Screenplay Copyright © 1984 Anabasis Investments, N.V.
ISBN: 0-515-08399-2

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