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And a little dab a' do 'ya as they say - as this month we come out a little smaller than last issue. I've been doing a lot of behind the scenes work. One of these projects is Legends' appearance at Convergence 8 ( This will mark Legends' first official convention appearance as we'll be found at the zine fair that will take place. I'll also be on a discussion panel at the event so stop on by.

Other duties at C8, besides drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade like the last time I went to Canada, will be our meeting up with Chaos Engine*. They will be attending and playing C8, and can expect myself and Rat Bastard chasing after them with a camera, pens and paper as we continue our tradition of face to face interviews with Convergence players**.

Upcoming in Legends #125 is the Music Catch Up Special! (Sorry Dad…) In this issue we're going to blast your summer with more than two dozen CD reviews - all to our full length standards. We'll touch on metal, ethereal, indie, industrial, EBM and more. We'll have reviews of the latest by Medieval Baebes, Ego Likeness, Testify, Garden of Dreams, The Sins (featuring previous members of Tri-State Killing Spree!), This Midnight Stream, Plastic Houses and Cinnamon Drafthouse. And then sometime thereafter I'll be able to cut our turn-around times for submitting labels and bands.

But before then, next month's issue will include four new pieces of fiction by Sue Simpson. Another installment of the From the Letters of Father Canis series: The Iron Chamber by Peter Gifford and illustrated by Pangia. Reviews of Aphex Twin, Zoar, Headscan, Seasons of the Wolf, Android Lust and the soundtrack to Japanimation film Guilstein. There won't be any Off the Shelf book reviews next month because I'm a fucking slacker.

And that'll be about it kiddies. Lock and load and I'll see you in Montreal, ay?

Peace, Love and All The Trimmings (But Not the Fat!)…

Marcus Pan
May 7, 2002
Kicking it on the witchin' hour…

* Chaos Engine's More Songs about Sex & Angels was reviewed in Legends #119.
** Like Rat's interview with Voltaire in Legends #116.

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