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Ok, let me crank this shite to a close - I have a class to teach in two hours. A bit chincy this month compared to recent issues, but I'm still waiting on some late reviews that should have been in by now. I have MIA writers, out of country writers and a ball buster schedule. Next month's issue will hopefully bring forth those reviews that some of you might have been waiting for and are missing from this issue. Scheduling is a bitch - deadlines are nasty mistresses who will regularly leave your poor editor bleeding from cat-o-nine lashings.

I'm also feeling the effects of the dance pit. Maybe I'm getting too old for this shite, but chances are I'll be saying that over and over until one day I'm dragged from the bottom of a stomping ground dead. The day I can't pit is the day I call Dr. K.

Oh let's talk about that shall we? Montreal - May 31st through June 2nd brings us Convergence 8. The annual net.goth festival where I found myself, for the first time, being in attendance not only as some d00d in the crowd but as an actual "entity" so to speak. Legends' first "official" convention appearance. Table space and appearance on a zine discussion Q&A panel even - so bow cuz' I'm like important 'n shit. Or at least I got to pretend I was.

Thumbs up to 50 Ft. Queenie who put on the zine portion of C8, and thumbs up to Siobhan, Casper and the rest of the Convergence 8 committee for an excellent weekend. Done well, great time. When I come home bleeding, it's been a grand night. I wonder if it'll scar…

Great performances by Chaos Engine and Swarf from the Wasp Factory stable (see reviews in previous issues of Legends - I'd usually footnote this and tell you what issues but fuck you I don't feel like looking it up). Bella Morte rocked my socks off. Shouts out to CMAFA and the Big Green Dick™.

Notes to the staff: pixie where are you? Rat's gotta get busy. John Eich steppin' up to crank out something of a heavy workload. Mike, let me know if we're still running your music news column. Mean Little Man has become the MIA Little Man with his column too? Sooz - I'm running low baby, write me something scary. Logan, pull some of those dark thought out of your skull.

And I guess I'll lock it down and get this puppy printed. Stick a fork in it.


Peace, Love and All The Trimmings (But NOT the FAT!)…

Marcus Pan
June 5, 2002

If you distilled my blood right now, you'd have one helluva cup of coffee!

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