REVIEW: Android Lust - "The Want"

By Dan Century

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When I hear or read the word "android" I immediately think of the movie Blade Runner, and the Phillip K. Dick novel it was based on (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?*). In Blade Runner the androids were stronger, sexier, smarter and wiser versions of the humans they were built to serve - and they definitely wore cooler outfits. Android Lust, whether intentionally or not, reflects those qualities in her lyrics, music and stage show. In this age where women are now kicking more ass than ever (Dark Angel, Alias, Crouching Tiger, Matrix) and looking great at the same time, Android Lust is the perfect soundtrack.

The Want is the first Android Lust record since Evolution**. Included on the single are three mixes of The Want and two bonus tracks, Stained (Winter) and One Twenty Nine. The Want picks up where Shikhee left off with Evolution - aggressive electronica influenced by 80s Industrial acts like Cabaret Voltaire, Puppy, Front 242, Front Line Assembly; mixed with her own visionary lyrics extolling the life as an android. One boot firmly wedged in the past, and one leather fist with a firm grasp on the future.

The Want: backed by 16th-note keys and exploding beats Shikhee asks for what she wants: "water, sleep, batteries for my remote and a telephone to speak…electricity in abundance, mirrored shades, Japanese food, midnight trade"… wow, that's exactly what I want, but she makes it sound so cool. "I ask for strength, a clear head, maybe a razor to paint you red"… ouch I think we've pissed her off.

Whether she's an android enslaved, or just in a bad relationship, Shikhee seems to be dependent on someone else, but she's waiting for the opportunity to turn and strike, or at least to grab some power of her own. Musically, The Want is the most poppy and groovalicious Android Lust song yet - I defy you not to dance, or at least rock out at the bar. The other mixes of The Want, one a slow and low dub version, and the other a raw and dirty rock mix, are also worth checking out. There's a mix for every mood, and it's all good.

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* Reviewed in the Off The Shelf column in Legends #97.
** Reviewed in Legends #100.

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