REVIEW: Attrition - "3 Arms and a Dead Cert"

By John Eich

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3 Arms and a Dead CertOriginating out of Coventry, England in the early 1980's, Attrition immediately joined the ranks of other similar industrial/experimental artists such as Coil and the Legendary Pink Dots. Starting with their first release, The Attrition of Reason in 1984, Martin Bowes and Julia Waller have brought Attrition full circle to complete perfection with the release of 3 Arms and a Dead Cert. Enlisting the aide of Franck Dermatteis, a viola player for the French National Orchestra, they have brought in the perfect element to compliment Julia's eerie, operatic whispers and wails. Combine this with Martin's sometimes sinister vocal delivery and hard hitting electronic beats and you have a darkwave masterpiece.

Now signed to Projekt Records, this 1996 album was released on the German label, Hyperium Records. This CD was a complete pleasure to listen to from beginning to end. Having always combined elements of classical material in their music, Martin changed things a bit and put these elements in the forefront on a couple of tracks.

Prelude, the final track, is a beautiful song and is a perfect example of this change. The brooding viola and Julia's vocals make this a track that is sure to please those romantic goths out there. Every track on this album is perfectly arranged and flow together beautifully.

Containing several danceable tracks, Acid Tongue, shines. Martin's vocals are extremely sinister sounding and Julia's cries of 'heaven" throughout this piece perfectly offsets each other. This vocal arrangement, juxtaposed against thumping electronic beats, is sure to fill the dance floor.

Overall,this release is a perfect example of what darkwave perfection should be and is my favorite release of this genre, period. If you love darkwave like I do and don't have this CD yet, run out and get it now. You won't be disappointed.

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