REVIEW: Datura - "Datura 1.0"

By DarkSol

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Datura 1.0This dark, twisted ambient album, made possible by Matt Cisler, is hauntingly simple in its format but hides a beautifully complex message. Datura 1.0 is the only album that I can safely say that (now don't laugh) my stepdad and I both enjoy. Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know, isn't that horrible? But like he and I both say this album sounds like it could be a perfect soundtrack to a science fiction horror movie. But I would have to say that it is a perfect way to wake up the parents in the middle of the night with nightmarish images.

All one has to do is close their eyes and instantaneously they are transported to an alien world with an unknown assailant on their heels. If they ever make a remake of that horrible 1950's sci-fi flick The Forbidden Planet, Datura 1.0 would be a perfect soundtrack to play in the background. Matt's use of the computer to make this album is far superior to any artist that I have heard using Acid Pro or Fruityloops.

No one track stands out of this album. The album really shouldn't be split up into separate tracks because it takes you through out a whole journey. XTZTC reminds me of an industrial section on an alien world. This machine doing this and that machine making that, all the while, unsure of who made it, what it is making and what its final response to the visitor is.

The album cover itself is haunting in itself. Half flesh… half darkness… Is Matt trying to point out that we all share that quality? Or is he saying, "Shut up, close your eyes and listen." Or am I just missing the entire message totally?

Matt Cisler, for a first attempt at a solo album, makes his mark totally. Statistics for this album: 2 thumbs up, 2 scared parents, and a whole shit load of adult diapers for them.

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