REVIEW: Cesium:137 - "Advanced/Decay"

By Pat Hawkes-Reed

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Cesium:137 (sea z um won thur tee sev'in) n: 1. the 137th element of the periodic table. 2. An exceptionally strong & extremely poisonous mind-altering substance. 3. An industrial band in Philadelphia.

They started almost 5 years ago as a high school project and are currently a three member band: Isaac Glendening, Vince Guzzardo, and Matt Cargill. Industrial is not the only word that describes them. In fact, if thinking of industrial in the Ministry/NIN way of the late 80's/early 90's, I wouldn't describe them as purely industrial at all. I could clearly hear the other influences of EBM, Noise and New Wave in almost every song.

One song seemed to have a bit of the Blue Monday riff (End Game) and others reminded me of Covenent, FLA, S.P.O.C.K., VNV Nation, etc...which is not bad at all, since I like all of these bands. Regrets had a bit of an OMD type feel to it at times. It has very early synth band style riffs. Two of the songs are instrumental and one is described as a sonic collage.

AdvancedDecayDarkest Dream, one of the instrumentals, would make good title music for a film. For some reason, I thought it had a very European feel to it. There are two remixes of the song Effigy. The original version and Caltrops Mix version could easily fill a club dancefloor with people.

There is much of interest here and I hope the band decides to explore new ways to distinguish themselves from the masses of EBM/industrial bands out there. For further information on Cesium:137 you can also check out the recent review of their The Fall EP in a previous issue of Legends*.

Legends #118.

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Phone: (215) 925-7763

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