Editor's Notes

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Now I'm not making any promises here, but there's a good chance I can get this issue out around the time it should be. Such as the first week of July, for example. In the midst of these times I find myself struggling on a large assortment of levels, Legends' workload being only one of them. I have a writer who has gone off to boot camp and will be unavailable for some time as well as another that I've recently let go. I am actively looking for at least one or two new reviewers if anyone out there is interested.

This month we continue the Father Canis series. Sue Simpson returns with two new pieces, The Day Before and The Time Was Then. Additionally we celebrate the return of the Mean Little Man and his rambling column: this month it's Meet Me in the Rectory. The Other Woman is the latest short fiction from Logan Russell. And most of the current review staff steps up with reviews galore including the latest from KMFDM, Haujobb, Tankt, Peter Murphy and more.

Next month as you probably remember is a music issue filled to the brim with the latest CD reviews. There will also be Off The Shelf columns as well as a Mean Little Column - but that will be about it for non-music features. So Legends #125 will be a boon for our music fans. In Legends #126 we'll return heavy to fiction with the return of the Albinor Chronicles, Father Canis, work from Sue Simpson and more.

And remember, above all…take the advice of the Parking Lot is Full and be happy…no matter what it takes!

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