REVIEW: Haujobb - "Penetration"

By Mike Ventarola

Chain Border

PenetrationDaniel Myer is certainly very busy with this and his many side projects. One cannot help but be endeared to the dire warning placed inside this CD cover as well: "If someone will put these tracks on some fucked up server to offer our music to download without our permission, we will find you and burn your fucking house down. Thank you for your attention."

The opening Penetration is a moody electronic piece, not meant for club floor jumping as much as intricate foot and hand movements. The second Floormix version has a few more interesting percussive beats for club usage, though the BPM on this is still rather slow for the height of any given evening. Course is added to deter any monotony from hearing a track repetitively one after the other. This is a good piece of dark music done up with electronic fusion to make a decent cross over appeal to the goth and industrial world. Definitely one to add for the height of the club night.

The Forma Tadre RMX brings our attention back to this track. The vocals are spoken like a haunted ghost and then the prerequisite "oontz" takes over. Vocoder effects are added to help smear the sound like a ghostly channel from the walls. Additional keyboard work is crafted into the track to provide a more club friendly atmosphere. Assemblage 23 maintain a dirge approach which then percolates like something out of a macabre Kraftwerk. Just when you thought it was safe to simply sit back and enjoy the track, the heavy bass comes in with the high end electronic notes to simply seduce you out of your seat.

Unseeing is a track some may be familiar with if you are prone to purchasing a lot of compilations. This track still holds up well after many repeated listens. How can one not be curious about a track called the Future Fuck RMX? This version uses a razor blade to simply chop up some of the vocals and kicks the BPM into overdrive. Think of Haujobb's love child between VNV Nation and Apoptygma Berserk and you will get an idea of the intensity behind this particular version. Clubs will undoubtedly utilize this one the most.

The Converter RMX slows things down a bit with a pensive opening that smears the noise, electronic effects and the music. The track is simply cut up beyond recognition and reworked to make it hardly even recognizable. All in all, a good reworking and a good addition at this point where monotony could have set in. Dream Aid provides a space like effect coupled with mechanized sounds. It veers into an uptempo BPM, again similar to VNV Nation, but yet quite different from it. This is definitely the dark horse on the CD that should also be given much club play for its infectious drive and energy.

The Amalgamous RMX takes us full circle with a bit of a dirge, spoken lyrics sewn between electronic blips and beats. When all is said and done, this remix was much more enjoyable to listen to despite the multitude of mixes compared to the many duds that have crossed this desk over the last week. Haujobb hasn't developed a legion of fans for nothing, and this maxi-single merely whets the appetite to uncover the rest of Myers' glorious electronic work.

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