REVIEW: Peter Murphy - "Dust"

By Mike Ventarola

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DustThe legendary Peter Murphy has released Dust with much acclaim across the globe. While it is a decent CD of rather slow tempo tracks sung with much technique masquerading as conviction, it isn't the typical Goth fare to create the orgasmic responses that so many other reviewers seem to have been impaling themselves over.

It is quite difficult to hear one of the goth rock underground creators veering into what one could simply call dark cabaret music. There is such a nod towards Dead Can Dance that hearing one of the icons of the underground doing what has already been done is rather frustrating and disappointing. Maybe if it was by some unknown artist this would have been tolerable, but that isn't the case. The inner booklet is glossy as are the photos and musical delivery. The disc is heavy on attitude, but remiss on believability. The use of Middle Eastern instrumentations while at first is rather intriguing, slowly becomes monotonous, annoying and repetitive.

At the risk of offending readers further, a song by song review will be eschewed. Fans of Murphy will undoubtedly run out and grab this CD. However, for those new in the Goth world, do not make this your first purchase. Otherwise, you will utilize it to merely help you fall asleep at night rather than listening for any musical enjoyment.

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