REVIEW: V/A - "Scene Killer"

By Chris Eissing

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Scene KillerI like New Jersey. I like music. Scene Killer was made for me. Featuring members of some of the best New Jersey rock and shore bands, Scene Killer doesn't need the handicap points that are usually a given for concept album. So what happens when you put members of The Atomic Bitchwax, Burnout King, Core, Daisycutter, Drag Pack, Halfway to Gone, The Lemmings, Monster Magnet, Rotgut, Six Sigma, Solace, Solarized, and The Clone Obey. Yukito Okazaki (Eternal Elysium), Alfred Morris III (Iron Man), and Jack, Lee & Tyler (Giant Sloth) in a studio over the course of several years? A reason to roll down the windows and hit the gas, cause you gotta turn this shit up!

Featuring mostly harder acts, Scene Killer lives up to its billing as a musical document of the New Jersey rock scene. If Bon Jovi and Springstein are the only thing that comes to mind, remember that They Might Be Giants, The Smithereens, From Good Homes; came from Jersey. And nearly every act that wants to get anywhere needs to pass through here eventually if they want a record contract. So Jersey fell off the radar after Bon Jovi. I'd argue it went into hiding from either embarrassment or shame. (I pick shame.)

But the music didn't stop. Scene Killer plays like a good night at the club. With a strong progression of songs like the hard groove of Pit of the Soul, to straight rock tunes like Aurora, it has all the trapping of a tight live set. Right down to the long trail out of riffs that often happen. And it touches all the bases. For punk, we have Back of My Mind. For Hendrix-esque blues rock, there's Midnight Snack. For slow-down last calls theres Wasteland. For the times when the drummer needs a rest, there's the 80's-esque ballad Found.

Scene Killer does suffer from the occasional guitar lead instrumental that every live show seems to have in tracks like Buckshot. But, as with any good show, Scene Killer keeps it near the end. Fans of good guitar power will enjoy it.

All in all, the talents of the contributors and motivators shine through. Scene Killer as a whole that showcases good windows-down rock-and-roll and the greater diversity that is Jersey music. For as much as it is biased towards the locals-only scene of the central and south Jersey, it captures the innovators that have been, in many cases, pushed to the outskirts by shore cover bands, and xenophobically musical cities like New Brunswick.

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