REVIEW: Squirrels From Hell - "The Sound and the Furry"

By Rat Bastard

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The Sound and the FurryThe Sound and the Furry is the latest release from Squirrels From Hell, the self-styled "Band that New York City couldn't kill" featuring eight songs of art-punk furry, compressed into a space of less than 20 minutes.

The songs themselves are rather eclectic, featuring jazzy basslines and riffs thrown here and there in the chaos, for a vibe that could almost be considered "progressive"... well progressive for a stripped down guitar/bass/drums/vocals garage band anyway. All in all, Squirrels from Hell remind a lot of The Dead Milkmen, but with a lot more evidence of competent musicianship. However, I can't say I ever really liked The Dead Milkmen, though they occasionally got a chuckle from me.

These Squirrels, while a little more pleasant to my ears, are still not what I would dub my "cup o' tea." A good portion of this album simply blends together for me, and after it's done I'm left not being able to recall the last twenty minutes all that well. Of course, I would guess that it would get easier upon repeated listening (and it would be possible to fit in a lot of repeated listenings), but I can't honestly say that I'm inclined to subject myself to that.

The album's opener, My Town is not a bad place to start. The song topic is self explanatory and the song's arrangement is the least chaotic of the bunch. (Read: It's at least somewhat catchy.) Of course, by "chaotic," I'm not talking about grinding wall of noise style chaos (this is Squirrels From Hell, but certainly not Napalm Death), but a more controlled "We're an artsy garage band that is reminiscent of the Dead Milk Men, but can obviously jam a lot better" chaos.

At any rate, if you happen to dig this sort of thing, then, by all means, give the Squirrels a go.

Contact Information:
Post: Rodent Records, P.O. Box 123, Hellsville, NY, 11802

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