REVIEW: Trans-Dimensional Voice - "Inside The Outside"

By Mike Ventarola

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Inside the OutsideThis CD is like a meteorite that landed in my lap without any concept of its creators. That being said, the actual credit to the artists who made up this fun and intriguing CD are currently an enigma. To look at the CD cover itself, one would be pressed to assume it is either a heavy industrial CD or something that flows into the ever increasing popular noise genre. In fact, it is both of those, but also has a great dose of macabre fillers to make even the goths stand up and cheer. If you like sound bytes from various films interspersed into your dark musical fare, this one should appease the listener.

Temptation begins with haunted background strains set against a tad bit of white noise which immediately flows into a thrusting pumping beat. A distant voice tells us that we "hear a voice from the grave." The murky orchestration is generously in the background while the breaks within the song itself provide an essence of industrial/noise for just the right amount of intensity and tension. Frustration further percolates industrial beats, noise and elements of the macabre. Not since Daniel Meyer created HMB has any band been really able to successfully combine the genres with such flair to keep the listener mesmerized. The eerie vocal dialogue merely adds to the spook factor, giving rise to a theatrics of the mind.

Restoration is a slower groove more in line with mechanized horror. Once again delightful background orchestrations of dark tones are layered over percussive beats. The inserted dialogue is now a pre-requisite, making the listener simply look forward to the next utterance. Reincarnation parts 1 and 2 simply smacks us with the reality that "we are born and then begin our journey towards death." Part one simply has one of the most club friendly beats placed within the confines of such oddly hybridized music. Part 2 slows the pace down into a funky groove more akin to midnight hip movement for the horizontal lambada. IFB (Infinitely Frayed Boundary) begins with a female wail piercing the darkness through touches of noise and sound effects. This is the slowest track on the disc and seems to somehow take away from the intensity that came before it with the earlier tracks.

Audible Vision cascades further with piano and modernized synth organs that wash over wave like movements. The track picks up the pace a bit adding elements of gentle percussion between the framework of sound. The macabre elements are not evident here until the latter part of the song, making this also an acceptable piece to find its way on any number of new age music compilations if it were edited down.

Overall, the first 5 tracks of this CD are entertaining on a goth and club dance level. Some may find a bit of difficulty appreciating the sound samples placed within the tracks, but they were done rather expertly and only added to the dark essence and enjoyment of the music itself. The last 2 tracks, though much slower, seemed somewhat out of place after being charged up with the first 5 tracks that would make the listener bounce in their seat or on the dance floor. Although both were well done, the sequencing rationale still escapes me. However, if given half a chance, the first 5 songs can easily become staples in goth/industrial clubs across the globe.

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