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I'll give you a quick heads up on next month, but I'm not going to let this spill onto another page (34 being a nice number and all), so here goes.

Music reviews. You bet. Of course. Indeed.

A return to the fantasy land of Albinor with the next Song of Albinor as well as the 38th chapter of the Albinor Chronicles series - Adamantine City. And what the hell I'll throw in the 39th chapter as well. Also, the Father Canis series will return with another chapter written by newcomer William Bowden - The Priest. Illustration by Zubrovka, who created the cover of this month's issue.

Two Off the Shelf columns by yours truly as I discuss Fevre Dream and Blue Adept. A Mean Little Column as well.

Two fiction shorts from Sue Simpson round it out. See you next month.

Marcus Pan
August 13, 2002 @ 10:45PM

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