REVIEW: Belisha - "The Hounded" & "The Fall of the Evergreen"

By Marcus Pan

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The HoundedBelisha combine garage-days metal with stadium-level rock, providing an experience whether you're spinning their CD or seeing them live since their songs all have a powerful wall of sound style to them that can easily move a venue with its strength. Throughout you'll find good use of guitars with Byder and Elric feeding off of eachother. It has a multiple-6 string sound; that is to say that Byder's guitar work is strong and powerful enough to make you think there are two of him. Elric's bass work is flawless and shines through, supporting the guitars and Oliver's drums and giving them even more height and power. Dan performs much of his lyrics in a vocal-spit style which creates a post-punk sound even though the music retains a rock ballad style.

Byder is cut loose throughout the album. Other players of Belisha let him go off on his occasional own, creating solos and unique guitar lines keeping all of their music unique without succumbing to the simplicity of commercial music today (i.e. intro, melody, chorus, melody, chorus x2, closing). While the songs do of course follow something near to that format just for the sake of being listenable and enjoyable, their letting Byder switch up a lot keeps it from succumbing to that "just another rock 'n roll band" style.

Fall of the EvergreenThe Hounded is their full length and opens with Wormwire, complete with a lengthy and noodling introduction that showcases their anthem-rock and stadium driven live sound. Filthy opens with an extremely infectios groove - hard to just let it float by without moving some part of your body to the rhythm. Definitely one of their better and most memorable tracks. For a little Egyptian flair, Casparian Sea stands as a song reminiscent of old mythical songs from the likes of Iron Maiden and their ilk. For you SoM fans, check out the nominal track The Hounded for some seriously good old-skool goth rock.

On the single The Fall of the Evergreen, they definitely showcase two of their top tracks with the inclusion of The Fall of the Evergreen and Ball of String. Both are catchy, upbeat yet moody, and speak volumes through excellent use of guitars. However, there is a third track on the single that I could have done without - 100% APR is a noise/experimental piece that, in this reviewer's opinion, was horrible. Belisha does much better with the more gothic rock style, creating catchy and bouncy tunes.

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