REVIEW - - "Manipulate"

By Pat Hawkes-Reed (GothPat)

Chain Border is actually only one person: Jason Taylor. His label describes this CD as "...dancey brand of EBM, laced with darker industrial and power noise influences...". This is a fairly correct description of the CD.

On the whole, Manipulate is an interesting mixture of styles that works better on some songs than on others. There are 15 songs on this CD, with a range of music to choose from. The instrumentals run the gamut of slow and dreamy (Into You) to drum and bass (Visions). The two songs that I liked the best were Disease, whose techno/trance style had me picturing Cyberdog/Dane clad punters waving their glow-sticks in the air to the beat, and Union with its S.P.O.C.K./EBM feel.

ManipulateTwo of the remixes were also stand-outs: Evil Genius (glow mix) and Take it Away (control freak mix). Both of these were a vast improvement over the original versions. The first became more bouncier and the second was LESS techno and MORE industrial and both would be more fun to dance to due to these changes.

Almost every song on this CD would be at home on any darkwave/industrial/EBM playlists, but the four songs I've cited would be the most likely songs on this CD to garner repeat requests in my honest opinion. This was a 2001 release and it would be interesting to see the direction Jason has taken with any newer compositions. Recommended!

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